066 – Inbetweenysode

066 - Inbetweenysode
066 - Inbetweenysode

About This Episode

Welcome to another in-between episode. These episodes are in between our main interview episodes.

If you have any questions you can DM me on LinkedIn (Alex Curtis) or in our Facebook group lead generation for Financial Services.

Last week I announced that I’ve written a book for mortgage brokers as to how to stand out online. You’ll find four kinds of main principles that I use for my business as well. Feel free to put some quotes on it. Join the group and I’ll give you a link and you can have your name in my book.

Going back to the Lee Flanagan, Terry Blackburn bespoke episode. Lee thinks Marketing is better than sales. And I said I think they are the same thing.

I try to explain what I meant by that:

Marketing is like an early prep for my sales process. The sales process is really short because of the amount of marketing that I do. Since people can already check you out online first. Educating people about how we work and the value that we bring, so that I don’t have to have those conversations in a meeting or on the phone.

In fact, we had a client in the office and they had been to our event, listen to the podcast, been in our Facebook group, and they literally came to get here to get signed up and everything and we literally just talked numbers, budgets and the meeting was over really quickly.

The more content you put out there about the value that you give, how you’re different from everyone else, your proposition and what you do, the more people get to know you. And for me that is all one big sales process.

Another question is how much budget do we put per ad?

When we’re putting budgets together, we find out how many leads client needs, what the specific product is, where it is local. We’ve got to know what the average cost per lead is in everything. Listen to the episode to hear the full answer.

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