065 – Adam King – Think Like A Fish

065 - Adam King - Think Like A Fish
065 - Adam King - Think Like A Fish

I would like to introduce you to a guy called Adam King whom we met at a conference back in November.

Adam used to work for a wealth advisor investment firm. He’s got a background in financial services marketing. His company is all about this concept of thinking like a fish.

Marketing allows companies and businesses to shine and build loyalty and sales. It improves every successful business operation.

According to Adam, as a business owner, you need to stop thinking like the fishermen and start thinking like the fish by considering if the company’s products or services meet the customer’s needs, wants or solves a problem.

No matter how much you love chocolate cake, you won’t catch any fish if you use the cake as bait. Instead you use worms to catch fish because fish love worms.

Marketing is all about people, understanding their needs, dreams, and wants. It can attract and keep consumers. Building a connection through your customer or client’s interest through marketing strategies can create understanding between you which will allow them to trust you.

Adam uses a systematic framework called 3 Growth Accelerator Ecosystem. An overall approach for reaching potential consumers and converting them into customers.

  • Authority
  • Asset
  • Alliance

These things will help you understand possible ideas on how to produce or create ROI. Take advantage of automation to make yours and the clients lives easier. Gather pre information about the potential client and validate if that person will be a good client for you. Having soft referrals to reach out to more people which can possibly be future clients or just simply creating alliances.

Adam’s website: https://www.thinklikeafish.co.uk/

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