058 + 059 – Mark Pittaccio – Behavioural Economics

058 + 059 - Mark Pittaccio - Behavioural Economics
058 + 059 - Mark Pittaccio - Behavioural Economics

About This Episode

Hello, and welcome back to the lead generation for financial services podcast. And this week, I’ve got an incredible guest I’ve got Mark Pittaccio, who is a behavioural economist.

Mark had an IFA business for 11 years. He now consults and helps people in financial services, mainly wealth management, but really big companies by helping their advisors to help their clients make better decisions.

So behavioural economics is understanding how people make choices and our biases.

It’s a really fascinating episode, so one thing we do sort of touch on, is what we can do differently to help people remortgage earlier in terms of making them think about that decision.

Rather than saying you can get a better rate. We kind of flip it around.

There’s an opening line that you can use at the beginning of any kind of sit down meeting or telephone meeting that will kind of set off your meeting in the right way. You’ll know a lot about your client’s position, if you’re up against any competition, things like that.

And just an absolute flood of stuff so it’s a two-part episode. Next week, we’ve got part two.


Mark’s website: https://www.behaviouraleconomist.co.uk/
Connect with Mark on Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mark-pittaccio-80442014/

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