057 – The Lead School Mastermind Q&A

057 - The Lead School Mastermind Q&A
057 - The Lead School Mastermind Q&A

We’ve got a really interesting episode a little bit different this week. And it is a basically taken from the call our monthly sort of q & a mastermind call in our Facebook group.

If you listen regularly and part of our Facebook group already, you’ll know that we made the lead school free recently, we were planning on charging for it to basically help people that we can’t help as an agency, but we decided to make it free.

I did a whole video basically explaining that it didn’t really make sense charging people when we’re trying to help people with low budgets.

There’s all these kind of tools that we suggest you use, which will come with a subscription, it’s kind of cost on cost on costs, it kind of didn’t really make a lot of sense.

So we had a few people join. We’re going to stop charging them and we’ll just open the doors to everyone.

So that meant that our q&a monthly call became a much bigger event.

There are more people on this call, rather than the people that are paying for that service. It is open to everyone that’s in our Facebook group.

So I wanted to share with you about sort of half an hour or so of this call. So there was a lot more that call it lasted for about an hour. So I’ve just basically edited out some bits.

We’ve just got the three phon-ins from Imran, Elisha and Ash who all called in and we had a bit of a chat with them about the things or the thing that they wanted to get our advice on.

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