056 – Natalie Hailey – Hot Content

056 - Natalie Hailey - Hot Content
056 - Natalie Hailey - Hot Content

I have got a fantastic marketing expert for you. So you may remember that I created the 30-minute marketing plan to help brokers and advisors to create more content. We had Helen Pollock on a few weeks ago talking about structuring content.

Natalie Hailey is another content expert. Her business is called hot content. I’m basically just trying to get as much information out as possible to help you guys create better content and make it easier.

It’s all part of my pledge to get you guys creating more content and lots more brokers/advisor are doing so which is amazing from when I started the podcast at the beginning of January 2019 to what I’m seeing now is awesome.

Long may it continue!

Natalie is going to bring you some more nuggets of advice here. If you haven’t started creating content already, hopefully, it’s another nudge that you need to do so.

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