054 – Bonjoro – Personalised Video App

054 - Bonjoro - Personalised Video App
054 - Bonjoro - Personalised Video App

Hello, my friends in financial services and welcome back to the podcast.

This week, I have got the founder of an app that I’ve been using a lot. Actually, if you have bought an event ticket, if you’ve inquired about the services of our agency, downloaded one of our PDF downloads, or if you’ve joined our new membership, The Lead School (which by the way, I’ve made totally free now).

If you do any of those things you’ll get a personalised video message from me straight into your inbox and that is by using an app called Bonjoro.

I’m gonna let their founder Matt obviously give you the kind of elevator pitch of exactly what it is
And we’re going to talk more in detail about how you can use it better. What’s it for, and how they came up with the idea.

So what is Bonjoro? In Matt’s words:

“I think we’re a layer that sits on top of a CRM. So if you’re using Infusionsoft or an Active Campaign or or an Ontraport, we basically plug in. And when customers perform certain actions, or when you have a new lead come into your funnel, you set up what we call triggers, that sets a little note notification in the Bonjoro app.

We ping you at that point to say, look, this is actually a good time to connect personally. We get you to record a personalised message for that lead or customer at that point in time.

So if the lady’s name is Joan, you were doing a video specifically for Joan in Glasgow, and that video we wrap up and deliver to them.

Taking a minute out of your day to welcome on board.

It greatly increases the chances of Joan then booking your call and coming into the office catching up or becoming ultimately a customer”.

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