053 – Helen Pollock – Structuring Content

053 - Helen Pollock - Structuring Content
053 - Helen Pollock - Structuring Content

So you may remember that I have created a 30-minute marketing plan to help businesses in financial services to market themselves better. By dedicating just 30 minutes per working day to create some content and be able to advertise that content on social media. Now, I’m not an expert at writing content in terms of like articles and part of that plan is to create a big article once a week.

Now I cheat and use a copywriter most of the time, but some people if they’re starting out, can’t afford to spend that budget weekly. Some people just don’t have the time or would prefer to spend it on other things.

Some of you will be better at writing than me and some of you maybe not. But either way, I think learning from an expert like Helen Pollock, who is a ghostwriter of books she and day in, day out she’s writing content.

I wanted to find a structure. So that rather than just opening up a blank document, you’ve got a bit of a framework to work through. And that’s exactly what Helen has brought to the podcast this week. She’s also gone way above and beyond any other podcast guests in creating extra stuff for you to learn. So there’s a downloadable guide to help you and she’s also created a video specifically for you guys as well.

Helen’s business is called the content doc. She is a professional writer with over 20 years experience. And what she does now is I either go to write nonfiction books for people, and teach them how to write their own if they prefer to do that.

She also writes features, articles, blog posts, and coaches small business owners to do that, too.

Structuring written content is kind of her bread and butter. She’s got a really good idea of how we can put some simple things in place. So that structuring an article or a feature or blog post, whatever, becomes a lot easier.

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