051 – Knowledge Bank – Nicola Firth

051 - Knowledge Bank - Nicola Firth
051 - Knowledge Bank - Nicola Firth

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Hello, and welcome back to the lead generation for financial services podcast. This week we have got a very special guest, Nicola Firth, founder and CEO of Knowledge Bank.

Nicola started as a mortgage advisor before deciding to work independently for her own company which is Knowledge Bank, a mortgage criteria search system. She used to be a broker and turned into software as a service.

She wanted to have everything in one place for the lenders and brokers who place mortgage business. Saving hours and even days using a product sourcing system which is simple, very intuitive, fully searchable, easy to access. With everything in one place, it will be quicker and easier to place cases.

Every lender will have their login to Knowledge Bank, they can input their criteria to showcase to all the brokers that use it in no time. Making all information readily available and crystal clear.

Knowledge Bank is not just for new brokers and inexperienced ones. Even brokers with years of experience in this country who spent time researching criteria to place a case can help save a considerable amount of time.

This software was purposely designed to be as simple as possible to use because people who will use it are busy, working long hours and they don’t have the time to learn to use a new system. It’s very intuitive and all you need to do is simply log in and start the free 30-day trial and put a case.

Monthly plan at £14.99 excluding VAT with no contract, after the 30-day free trial or annually for £149.99 excluding VAT, non-refundable and a 3 month notice period. If you have a team, you can get it for £25 per month for 5 to 10 users excluding VAT with a 3 month notice period or £50 for more than 10 users.

Any questions, you can reach out to her via Twitter and LinkedIn, just type knowledge bank and you will find it there.

For email and phone enquiries, our contact details are listed in our website https://www.yourknowledgebank.co.uk/

As I said at the start of our episode, there is a special offer here and a lifetime discount on it if you go through the link below. So instead of £14.99 per month, we have managed to arrange for you that is £12.75 plus VAT per month and all the annual options are £134.99.


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