026 – Tony Christensen – Facebook & Instagram Ads

026 - Tony Christensen - Facebook & Instagram Ads

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026 - Tony Christensen - Facebook & Instagram Ads

In the Lead Generation for Financial Services Podcast today, Alex hosts Tony Christensen. Tony studied Sociology and Psychology in college and he has a background in Data Information Systems. He provides advertising services and consultancy with an analytic approach at Tony Does Ads.

In this episode you’ll hear;-
1. How Tony got started in advertising and social media marketing.
2. Why Tony has a passion for Psychology.
3. Tony’s Facebook ads creation technique.
4. Mistakes people make in creating Facebook ads that don’t convert.
5. The collaboration between Tony and his clients in creating ads.
6. What are the best brands to try for Facebook ads?
7. How to maximise Facebook advertisements with images and links.
8. The upcoming change in Facebook ads formatting.
9. Tony’s advice to business people on Facebook ads.
10. Tony’s opinion on Instagram ads trends today.


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