020 – Chris Huskins – You Can Podcast Too

020 - Chris Huskins - You Can Podcast Too
020 - Chris Huskins - You Can Podcast Too

This week on the podcast I welcome Chris Huskins. He’s just released a new book and this book is The Definitive Guide to podcasting, ever. Probably.

Now if you remember back to Episode One, I interviewed, Pete Matthew. Now he has a podcast and he is a financial planner.

He’s oversubscribed, people are on a waiting list to work with him.

And a lot of this is because of the audience he’s built up from doing his podcast. So there’s no reason why you can’t create your own.

My podcast is in its infancy, but I’ve had loads of benefits from it.

I built up quite a big audience very quickly.

And I get to engage and speak to people about the podcast, it helps with marketing, our business as well.

It’s a bit like being an author being a podcast host so I highly recommend it for anyone.

They say that if you go the extra mile, it’s not crowded there, and I know a lot of financial services industries are very crowded. It’s hard to differentiate.

And it is all about building relationships and trust and you can talk one on one to a number of different people via podcast, and just let people know your expertise and experience, and they can get to know you before they start doing business with you.

So we talk about how with podcasting, there’s a lot less competition in the podcast market than there are with YouTube channels and blogs.

So Chris pulled out some stats there are 600k active podcasts, which sounds like a lot.

And there’s probably a lot less in your area of expertise.

If you compare that with how many blogs, there are 500 million, and just under 500 million YouTube channels as well.

The great thing about a podcast is people can multitask if you’re listening to this episode of the podcast, it’s likely you’ll be doing something else as well, whether it’s doing some admin whether you’re driving, whether you’re at the gym. Whereas if you’re doing video content people have to focus purely on that.

There’s more engagement with a podcast.
Chris has some stats here as well that people are listening to podcast for over 80% of the episode, whereas the engagement on video, especially on Facebook is much, much less.

Chris says, probably the most important chapter the most important bit of advice is knowing what the mission of your podcast is, what is your podcast trying to do, how are you trying to help people.

Another great piece of advice is that although you’re talking to a potentially big audience, if you imagine you’re just talking to one person. People never kind of sit down in a group to listen to a podcast, people listen to it on their own, so try to imagine your ideal customer; people call it an avatar. So if you think that the microphone is that person and talk to that one person, you’ll find it a lot easier to create your content and you’ll find people will enjoy it more.

So you can make a podcast with your smartphone.

It’s really easy to record, edit, produce and publish your podcast just using equipment, you’ve got already, so you don’t need to splash out, and your audience don’t need to pay to listen so it’s really accessible for you to create and for your audience to listen.

And Chris talks about how it’s really easy to distribute your podcast everywhere. If you get a really good podcast host that once you’ve published it on there they can distribute it to Spotify, iTunes everywhere. Because there’s more Android phones in there are Apple ones, believe it or not.

So just being on iTunes is not enough.

So hope you enjoy this episode. I’ve got links to Chris’s website and Chris’s book. I also talked about my event that’s coming up but Gary data also has an event coming up in May, as well.

Chris’ website: https://chrishuskins.com/
Chris’ book: https://www.amazon.co.uk/most-comprehensive-guide-podcasting-probably/dp/1798863219/

I mention my event on the 9th May 2019, here’s the details

I also talk about an event i’m speaking at for Gas Das – here’s the link

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