015 – David Thomson – Sold His Financial Services Business For 7 Figures

015 - David Thomson - Sold His Financial Services Business For 7 Figures
015 - David Thomson - Sold His Financial Services Business For 7 Figures

David Thomson sold his insurance business for 7 figures, and now teaches people how to influence and persuade. I was lucky enough to spend the afternoon with him chatting FS business and heard his story first hand which is incredibly inspiring. I just had to record this chat!

You’ll definitely want to check out David’s website: www.davidthomson.com

Hello and welcome back to the lead generation for financial services podcast. And I’ve got an absolute treat for you this week. Imagine coming from nowhere, coming from nothing being so poor that you couldn’t afford to pay for your counter house and building up a business where you’ve sold it. And as he put it as got a couple of million quid in the bank. Now this guy lives and breathes financial services, mortgages, insurance, he sold his business, he’s now teaching people what he’s learned in terms of sales. If you’ve read the book, influenced by Robert killed, and he has been trained by the man himself, one of very few people in the world, one of even a few people in the world to be taught in the kind of the science of pre suasion, which is just incredible so without further ado, I’m going to dive straight in so I want to butcher this interesting talks all about his background.

where he is now what he’s doing and just sit back. Maybe even need to take some notes on this one because there’s so much value just being dropped from many a high. I feel like I’m copying Chris Ducker now, but here we go this is my chat with David Thompson Hello and welcome back to the lead generation for financial services podcast. I’m with David Thompson. Hey dude. Fantastic. Great to see you too. I’m actually so I you did a talk in Peterborough comment when it was it was that and I was actually gutted that I missed it because your background in finance services but luckily Pete down the office knows you and we’ve been putting touch months later

and I think our own it’s gonna be really excited to get to know you because of the business that you sold was about 18 months ago. Yeah, yeah, I escaped out the

exact Exactly. So that’s my quote I’m going to use to sell this episode.

So there’s a lot of people got a group of people, some of them are self employed brokers, we’ve got marketing directors of finance services, we’ve got sales people as well listening, because you’re now as you said, You’ve escaped, you’re kind of doing that sales training. Now, that’s kind of like your thing. And the minute that you’re so we’re going to talk about that. But I think people will be really inspired from where you were when you started out. And now you’ve got female included, and I just saw you pull up with your Porsche earlier. So it is possible. So let’s start this one we talked to tell us about, you know, I think growing up and where we came from. So growing up,

I came from a really poor background. I mean, by the time I was 11 years old, I’ve been to

seven different schools. We lived in nine different houses. I’d spend some time in a children’s home and I’d like one of those alcoholic fathers that you never want, but sometimes you just get anyway here and say out, you know, our time growing or my tongue growing.

That was tough. And I’m half Jamaican and half Scottish. Not that I sound Scotty.

I’ve lived in England, you know, forever. 16 years old, I’d left school with zero qualifications, join the army, or decided that it was the right time to join the Army soldier in the army and became a soldier to me was an escape. And I probably needed the army because, you know, as well balanced started chip on my shoulder.

Yes, I do. I joined the army. I went into the infantry and, you know, did my time in

the second Battalion, that why Langley arrangement went to Colchester then to Germany in a couple of tours and Northern Ireland as you did in the late 80s. Yeah, and then 1990 I left the army like my ass was on fire

I just had to leave and then I went and I got a job working in Dr. Martin see if actually do the famous these

One so let

me the real ones that to go to school and everyone will pull up your thing to check. If you’ve got the real label at the back I had the Marks and Spencers version,

so I worked there for a few months after leaving the 21st birthday and it was all right. It was good. I mean the good thing about the army and the good thing about working in Dr. Martens was there was a system for it in in the early 90s, there was lots of financial advisors around so you know, 1990, I think there’s 235,000 financial advisors, almost everybody was selling savings plans, pensions, all the rest of it. We just come out of the recession. Interest rates were like 17 and a half percent. So I went out with a girl from a place called Desborough, which is just up the road from a place called Kettering, right? Yeah, I know. Yeah. And her brother in law work for an insurance company that was part of the corporation, the big Insurance Corporation and so I went there selling life insurance. Nothing.

People’s door selling them pensions and to start with our old rubbish shadow just wasn’t good. Yeah. Even if I did persuade somebody to buy from me after a few months or cancel and you get a thing called a clawback. Yes. Which was a nightmare and so I had to go back and get my old job back working at Griggs the shoe factory and be this sort of half baked not that good life insurance and savings and pensions type type person then in 1991 in May I seen an advert in the local newspaper advertising for a mortgage consultant now growing up we were really poor me were evicted from our council house yeah so

I didn’t have a clue on mortgage was on heard a guy called down whinge about his mortgage in the in the 1989 when we’re in Belfast. I don’t want God to complete the payments that but I didn’t even know what a mortgage was. But I applied for this job to be a mortgage consultant working in Congress, or a state agency. Wellingborough. Yeah. And the reason I applied was it said

You positive and enthusiastic a qualified to financial advisor Do you like to communicate with people? And I thought yeah that’s me they didn’t ask if you have any qualifications because I’m

yeah but I was positive and and I went and after seven interviews eventually I got the job yes seven interviews and I got the job working in Congress estate agents as mortgage consultant and lots of what do I need to do unless somebody will come in here and that wants to buy the house I was like, okay, and all you’ve got to do is tell them that you’re getting the money through the bank or the building society and then you sell me insurance. And the insurance at that time was Scottish widows were tied to Scottish widows. And I thought, this is easy. Yeah.

And at the time, you didn’t get paid any money for doing the mortgage and you didn’t charge any money at all, which means you only made money if you sold them insurance. And so, you know, to me, that’s part of my DNA, you know, like understanding that so I quickly stop

To ask questions like what’s the system for sales How do you learn how to do this and I will I will just copy what Sharon’s doing as whole as hardly an answer. You couldn’t say that, you know, you can be walking across the field and somebody to add in, you just have to guess it there. And then you have, you know, that the system for and same as if you’re working in the shoe factory, if you’re making our booze if you haven’t got a system for doing it, all you do is create waste. Yeah. So anyway, I started looking for a system at that time I started studying the science behind persuasion and influence. So what does it mean to tell a story you’re the best storytellers in the world. And I found that that was cool. Pitching was like, Okay, and then you find out this negotiation and predictable responses and different personality types. So I was like, okay, that’s interesting. And then eventually I started learning about neuro linguistic programming, social psychology. I mean, last year was working. So two years ago, I was working with the world’s leading social psychologist but so my journey has been that of learning everything that sits behind persuasion and influence and so often

Couple of years of working at columns, I became the top mortgage consultant in the country for columns which which was cool, you know, got myself a nice new car. Yeah. And I thought, this is it. I’ve made it. l 163 sz you read Ford Escort. I made it until I found out. The guy that was working for William H. Brown estate agents was called David Plumtree. He’d been flown out to New York on the Concord and brought back on the Qt to yeah oh man, I’ve got a bottle

so I asked for a pay rise and they said no. And I thought you know, I don’t trust these people with my future. Yes, I went and I got a job working at another estate agency chain that will cause William H. Brown estate agents that up and down the country have different names. So down south it’s Fox and sons in London. I think it’s been Marcus anyway, they’ve got 650 state agency offices of 400 advisors.

Within 12 months I was the top financial advisor in Rolling sunlight is property services six and you know within with all those advisors so I was quite pleased with that and I’ve kept studying the science of persuasion and influence and a penny a lot many hours I learned from 30 grand a year in the middle of the 90s driving around in the five series BMW which for a kid from accounts allows them to read anything no qualifications i thought was pretty cool but I was ambitious and I decided that before I was 30 I’ll start my own business so object to that in Bend it and went and opened an estate agency business in Russia and not because I wanted to be an estate agent I’ve got zero interest in that I just wanted them to generate new leads the same way that columns are done grounded so then estate agency business my business partner guy Kevin Kelly and we’re going to work together and he thought he was going to run the estate agents not do financial side yeah

why she systems he was just winging it is yeah, as you

So he stayed system using the business putting some bad prices in teaching people the science of persuasion and influence yeah that’s why the right attitude and before you know it within a few months the business was earning was selling 50 houses a month and I was doing so many mortgages and went out and bought for our you should do all those bad things and then I’ll decide is another business and down the road called mighty hawks be estate agents and then insurance business called best insurance which you know we did really well with what what happens when you go into an estate agents or whatever the estate agent or do sorry the house know try and get you through the mortgage with them but normally their mortgage advisors tied to one lender and I decided that that’s wrong and it shouldn’t be the case that should be a place to go to get the best deal on your insurance. I thought we were just Nicole the life insurance and then sell people what they need. Yeah so we did some members. We had a guy called Johnny Vegas do some adverts.

He said

They see a change in the mind is a woman’s prerogative, password prerogative, Bobby Brown song,

that’s a really good impression.

We got Johnny Vegas to do some adverts. And we started trying to optimize that website for Google. And we got the top guy in the world in Google, from an SEO perspective to come and work for us at a time, a guy called Kalin and we were top of Google and search within a couple of years. Yeah, God, day and night, the staff were turned over seven and a half million 8 million quid a year making a couple of million quid business was rosy. However, we didn’t have a systemized approach to how we manage that leads. It wasn’t a systemized business will get in 10,000 leads through every single month. It was chaos because some dudes are I’m not talking to them girl, I’m not talking to them because that’s a woman. That’s a guy that’s the one at whatever it was. It was about something everybody with their cognitive biases It was not

It was a nightmare.

So anyway, we’re making all this money but nowhere near as much as what we should have been. And the next thing you know, I thought I was gonna sell this business. I’m sick of it nearly sold it for 30 million quitting and Google did a Google dance and yeah I ended up not doing that. So I was like,

Okay, I’m worst days. Yeah, not many. Yeah.

So anyway, I decided I was going to change the business, change the business model around and all of my advisors left all my financial advisors left when we started buying leads because I’ve trained them so well they will started leaving so and then I had to start training my own people and I am site developing the people and bring in three teach them how to pitch how to frame how to negotiate how to be a top financial advisors and if you go around Northamptonshire, there’s more financial services business created by me

You know, they’re everywhere and they’re all and then returned to grand a year all them they’re doing great and you know, I’ve got nothing but love for all of those guys. You know, they’re really good guys.

So I’m I didn’t say that when they left when when people leave your business, right? You don’t miss the people. But you missed the profits that

Yeah, one thing. So anyway the people started leaving and I’ve changed the business model and start working out how to build some extraordinary people from ordinary people. You know, because well in PR is not the biggest Jean Paul world in terms of finding top financial advisors is not downtown LA or San Fran. Yeah, this is, well in Koreatown, maybe you better learn to make it with you know, some not the not the highest Yes, it was, but you know, but really good people. So we started developing financial advisors from people that never even looked at talking on the telephone communication investments and we cracked the case eventually

got got business systemized, developed some really good technology work too hard to recruit train train higher rebranded it and start and called the business hammer.co.uk went to Pixar. Hi the 3d animator

3d animators create a law firm as well as the mortgage business focus all my attention on mortgages and protection. And then on Black Friday in not last year, year before, sold it for a few million quid which was lovely. Yeah, and eventually escaped on the Fourth of July Yeah. And for the last three years what I’ve started to one side does going to sell the business we scan it it so I got rid of maybe some of the people I shouldn’t have employed in that business. And so we just decided we’ll get the business into intuition into a shape that we want to get into and I have some spare time so I started going out and working with my friends teaching personal trainers the science of persuasion and influence he had a business called the body transformation Academy where teach Personal Trainers in gyms to transform people’s bodies and he would teach them the mindset the workout routines the nutrition plans and it’s a now I’m going to hand you over to Dave is going to teach you how to sell Yeah,

day with these guys. Yeah, and I’d say okay.

This pitching, framing negotiating Ask Me Anything you want to know about the science of persuasion influence if I can answer it and you think it’s good then you can say Hey Dave Thompson good guys not you got social media say this guy’s dead

and so anyway the people who love me but I ended up adopting lots and lots of people and bringing them back to my business now typically I’ll train a new financial advisor for three months and the reason I’ve typically train a new financial advisor for three months is if you get somebody to come and work for you and you’re running a business like that big business that we are decent sized business typically you’re buying leads and let’s say you spend 30 quickly yeah let’s say you’ve got 50% contact rate on your leads right and then the contact rate so you’ve got 10 leads you buy them for somebody that’s a surrender credit a link to your contact rate 50% but not everybody wants to speak to you so you might have to buy 10 leads every day five days a year before you know you’ve done sick random eat then you’ve paid the person two and a half three grand to come and work for you then you’ve paid

For a bit of admin sport sport, it’s costing you 10 grand a month. Yeah. So they had to be razor sharp by the time that the phones so let’s teach pitching, framing, negotiating social psychology the sales track how to sell life insurance and critical illness insurance to all of your clients because we relied on being brilliant at cross selling and I’m sorry my credit loads of guys that you know from my background if you didn’t sell life insurance we didn’t sell the critical zones insurance you get paid any money yeah, like we got paid nothing for the for the mortgage free so everybody got protection and it’s like confetti at a wedding everybody

you know, because we could do it scientifically. Yeah. Anyway, so we because we did that then it worked. So I was teaching these personal trainers, the science of persuasion and influence and loving it because I was coming outside of my field. We’re going to train film.

And so three years ago, I decided to do some work with a guy called Dr. Robert Cialdini, who’s on the topic of persuasion.

The most quoted social psychologist in the world you know he’s the guy that changes identity went into covering state studying the different influence practitioners yeah you know he helped Obama get elected into the white house you know I’ve been carrier Kaldi nice, you know, it’s quite a record help teach him. I see, raised an additional five and a half billion in taxes by changing one line on the tax return. Yeah. So he was amazing. So I did some work with him. And then I was invited that if did I want to become one of your certified trainers, and what have seven in the world that can teach pre suasion, which is a whole nother conversation. Yeah, and also persuasion which is, you know, something different persuasions about targeting mindsets to get people to be ready and receptive to your message persuasions about the influence principles. The Shockers we take as human beings relationships overcoming certainty motivate action so a couple of years ago slight focusing on that and absolutely love there and selling my business in July, I’ve been helping a huge business club

business called the British Standards Institution you’ll know them for the ISO 9001 27,000 45,001

yeah and all those standards the new flame your friend the world’s different places teaching all of their people and I developed an online course for the personal trainers to teach them the science of persuasion and influence which people have adored and it’s just different so I’ve been busy and it’s been mega fun

you got massive smile on your face obviously we’re not recorded video but yeah I can I can vouch for that that he’s enjoying

his fine so I love helping people and say mine You know it’s not so much running your business it’s running a training business to teach people sites persuasion and influence and I’ve been developing artificial intelligence that to build that into the app I’ll be working with but it’s fun time. Ya know, I can imagine this is fun. So everybody always wants to know how they can do more with with regards to sales. So you got loaded financial advisors

and they’re selling to their clients.

One of the things that that we always used to do I was used to do and my guys will always do is they would sell critical illness insurance yeah and and if don’t sell prints clones insurance that clients enough so that that would that maximize the case value so if you could work out how to do that consistently and you could make a lot of money but he couldn’t, you wouldn’t make a lot of money. Yeah, and if you look at it from a financial perspective, if you’re advising somebody to borrow money and then you’re making it discretionary as to whether they cover if they’re sick, he was supposed to be a financial advisor how good a job you’re doing. If you can’t persuade them to think he can’t get sick, you can’t you can just repossess your house storming out on the street. How cool would that now port is that absolutely. And you took that journey through with me earlier as we’re sitting down and it was it was fairly kind of straightforward. It was just asking the right questions and you have to have the soul mate, you’ve got David’s got a document that everyone listening will want to buy steel again, because you’ve systemized

That whole literally have everything you that document had the process of managing those leads of the south and everything like that. So just as an overview what what kind of because we’ve got brokers kind of all the time and a lot of them I don’t really talk to them about what they cross selling but I know some of them don’t do it as much what are your kind of

is your toxic literally together that process now can you not your you’ve got to system as a process whereby let’s imagine right that you came into my shop right and when you came into my shop I and you and you weren’t you can’t buy let’s say it was some camping equipment right I sold you a 10 I in my shop and then you walk out and you’re walking to the next guys next worship and he sells you attend. He sells you the cover for yourselves you the sleeping bag. He says you live things and some and who you most thankful for the most most thankful to God he solved all of your needs and he’s made me ask you some questions. What you need to ask is

How can you get your business so that is so fixed fishing so effective it works. And the best way to do that is to make sure that you service more of your clients needs. Yeah. And if you and if you don’t service more of your clients needs somebody else will or tentatively something will happen to that client and they’ll blame you forever they will blame you forever yeah I was literally just talking to someone today it was a business owner and he was Did you do anything with like relevant life yeah yeah and then this guy was business owner and he he the guy doing his mortgage didn’t sell it protection and he went to someone else and that person didn’t mention relevant might yeah it’s a business owner and surely I mean like we we didn’t have insurance one of the things that saved my business when times were tough when everybody was leaving because you know people will go that will leave you attrition is not a bad thing but if you don’t have to manage is a terrible thing was home insurance, home insurance for everybody and if you can get home insurance for everybody that’s a colossal when we still have health insurance, auto all all of the

Time with some guy health insurance and it’s like okay, managing you’ve got sick. Imagine USA Today. Nice. Imagine you say today, right? And you

and you’ve got health insurance what was the difference in your life if you got health insurance and not young health insurance? What difference does it make your I assume you getting prior I’ve got private yeah so I like it yes yeah so so immediately you got maybe a diagnosis so if not right then you have to wait to be diagnosed and then how quickly to get treated you get immediate treatment in a hospital a place of your choosing whenever you have to wait six months for your treatment yeah and then also you get access to the best drove past medication best people in the world and and if you ask most people if they would want they might not be able to afford it but they would still want it so everybody deserves to know about it. People just walk by like it’s not there and don’t don’t even have that conversation. don’t have that question. You know that’s that’s a simple simple one. That if you build up a long term relationship with the clients they might not find that might be two, three or four years.

down the road. Yeah, they will buy for you, from you providing you review them, you keep them in the loop and there’s a decent service plan in place. Yeah, no, absolutely. I think maybe some people will think I’ve got all these products and somebody will sometimes people think sales is like a dirty word. That selling is like sales. Yeah, yeah,

that’s exactly the kind of get that mindset you are literally just helping people. It’s not if you go into the mindset of I’ve got us sale rather actually get into that mindset. Just present the opportunities. And here’s a great example. You’ve got a little girl, right, right. So do you see yourself as financially responsible for the welfare of what’s your daughter’s name? Eva? Eva, do you see yourself as financially responsible for the welfare whether you like it or not? Yeah, that’s what I said. You’re sitting down with me for a mortgage and say, okay, so 100%, whether you’re here or not alive or dead, you see yourself as financially responsible for our welfare. Yeah, yeah. Great. Cool. So let’s say we’re not having a conversation I’m talking about protecting you mortgage if I ask you if you want some additional life insurance to protect either

You probably say no but if I say to you okay let’s just talk about either school does either go to go to a normal school, private school

or she’s too young to flinch Well well well

the missus say say she’s going to cost you between 10 and 20 grand a year yeah right so would you want to start the scoring if you have our man popped his clock she couldn’t afford to say that we could that ever be all right

no no se si si need to factor that into consideration evil is you’re going to get to university or not you’re not planned or not it’s up to her so but you wanted to give it a choice yes 100% who pays student loan debts up to your eyeballs or mom or dad or your Mom Dad Mom okay so you need to plan for that because ultimately we can have this conversation ones and if you see yourself as financially responsible for the welfare of your daughter until she is now You said you had planned for it. Let’s imagine your business started doing great and it gets an extra five hours a week right? You making that extra in profits what

difference does it make to you to your life

so my knife zero right

right what happens if you five pounds a week worse off you look at the balance sheet it’s five could really was no difference right but if I took that away and said I’ll tell you what if anything happens to your to your wife either can go to university she can go to school that money will always be that would that be a good thing or bad thing I’m just saying it’s a good thing so what I’ll do is I’ll put that five pounds to good use and we’ll plan for Eva’s education in terms of how going through school and also not having to go into the free school Dinnick you can anything happens to you so and there’s you know from a financial advisor perspective there’s an extra four pounds of the case but more important your project a little girl protected the family by asking a consistency and commitment question self explanatory responsible for the welfare of your daughter into she’s an adult yes or no and then also just mapping out high genuine you’re saying that this is what she’s going to do this was going to these my responsibilities and then ultimately you will increase your case size by four or five o’clock.

will get that value. What do you think advisors doing wrong that you think they are literally just saying Do you want life insurance? Rather than ask Jim that’s the biggest mistake people do you know what behind persuasion and influence in order for you to know it? Somebody needs to know pitching, framing, negotiating social psychology and okay unless you know that and you’ve got somebody to guide you through those shortcuts. So world of hard, yes, you’ll just be burning money forever. Hence, the reason why I said, you know, I’m going to train people, if people really want to make a transformation, I help them you know, and there’s a science to this, you know, statistically, if you implement it, you can’t not be more successful. And I’ve got the research that’s obviously working with Shell, Dini, you know, he’s worked with Obama, I’ve got the research the stats, you know, build the business, I’ve systemized it and I sold it and I can tell you for a fact implement what I’m sharing with you. It makes cost difference there, but you need to understand you know, imagine your pilot right today and I’ll take you down to stay

The airport and so there you go. There’s a seven step 747 you like a good guy? just fly that pilot. Just why that plane and we’re going to land in Geneva? What would you say

that look like buttons on people night, you as a mortgage advisor sitting down and you look like a good guy you can sell protection. likely the boss talk taps on the shoulder and says you’re a salesperson. There’s the features of it, sell it. And what you should say is insane. Same as you would say, if you’re a pilot, I need training I need to know exactly what buttons do I need to know that what the altimeter this way Yeah, you need to understand what you’re doing that if you implement the science of persuasion and influence into your client journeys, where you can engage people in a way that they feel empowered, empowered to take action and work with you just with you because it works. Yes, you can be white, more effective, you just apply that and everything’s different all of a sudden, instead of like

You know, other thing that I think one of the PTS I was working with cash or cash or somebody else went to work and so what difference it made working working with me too and I could change my family and she said huge difference she said I’ve now gone from closing to attend closing eight out of 10 everybody wants to work because we all get people on my terms of doing what I do as well I’m doing nutrition and I wanted to help her because she was she was a foreign national issues from Poland yeah that’s wanted to help her I just thought whenever I’ve got 100 caches, 1000 caches people have you know, help transform their life because I understand Socrates and stand you know what philosophy was from two and a half thousand years wasn’t just a good old boy Socrates. He came up with a way of asking questions. Yeah, people be consistently claims so there’s a science behind it or the lights learn the science or suffer the consequences and the consequences are you know, you will be forever You know, worrying about the next claw back home.

People are going to buy wrong one that she understanding the psychology of persuasion and influence absolutely fantastic work. Where can I say I’m I’m Phil I can already feel it that these people are signing up to your course right now. But for those that would is the book Robert good earnings book of good first step to kind of understand a lot of these principles and I’ll give you a link I’ll give you a link so if you guys get in touch with you I’ll give you a link there’s a little video that talks about influence and some of the influence principles.

I mean, if people are interested in finding out more about it, I don’t know Do you ever get you guys together? Well, we want we’ve just put a thing in the Facebook group about putting an event together and I said the kind of people that I think could I could attract and I sort of I didn’t name you by name. So I’m invited to probably but I said would you would you want to hear from a guy sold his insurance business is was a mortgage broker, etc. And they’re all chomping at the bit to do that. So absolutely. We got conference center here. We’d love to put an event essentially got an event on then I’ll come

Lot of outcome you know I mean I can talk about social psychology we can do we can do have some fun with it if you if you want to

know I mean I’ve got an online course but not his push model and yeah I’m doing great I’ve got lovely

yes come back from our beta we can see things are all right yeah and if you know if I can help you and help you guys in

in the science of persuasion influence as a way there’s a way of doing it mortgage brokers it’s easy I’ve written one for the last 20 will have been one for the last 28 years when the actual device of 29

know I’m studying this stuff in this space sideways you know the I wouldn’t say that the nothing you could ask me that I couldn’t answer yeah it’d be nearly nothing yeah absolutely nearly nothing and you know by the end of it

if you couldn’t be more successful you know with some of the stuff we share with you

what shapes

do people

To get any students that just hung up the right mindset that I just don’t say lazy but ok so what you’ve got within

the one of the first things I teach is positive mental attitude which is really about mindset and a positive mental attitude is this is the right mental attitude in any given set of circumstances incorporating plus traits of life such words as hope faith and integrity is that can do will try attitude now if I wish it was the opposite of positive mental attitude was negative now and it isn’t right negative mental attitude wrong then match in any given set of circumstances incorporating the negative traits of life anyway equals can’t do why try yeah I but it’s not being negative when you’re negative right and you’re sliding somebody off how do you feel inside good or bad bad you feel bad so it’s hard to be negative so what people do is it’s not they go negative they’re going

negative mental attitude best friends with inertia who like the Greek Greek goddess circa turn men and women into pigs by saying stay here do nothing so what people

do is they go in when you should take action, you don’t do anything I should claim the car should do this, I should do the drop off should go to the gym so people don’t take action. And so the so to overcome inertia, you need to have good people around. You need to take some action. And when you do things and get some feedback into outcomes, yeah. But if you just sit there and watch, it never gets better. It never ever gets better. So overcoming inertia is the key. And the key thing is to overcome is to catch yourself falling. catch yourself when you say, hold on. Yeah, oh, my god. I’m saying something negative. Because there’s a guy called Seneca, who’s a stoic philosopher what he said was a consciousness of wrongdoing is the first step towards salvation and consciousness of wrongdoing servers that’s what salvation so if you can catch yourself doing it wrong anything on me I just saw that guy mortgage and I’ve not protected his family have not spoken in the right way. And then the optimal client journey for Chris Jones teachers have not spoken to them about protecting their kids if they get saved.

Clear. I’ve got the negative mental attitude on sat here, and my head’s not on, right? You know, I need to find a friend. Ask the audience, if you can catch yourself what you’re going off piste. If you’re snowboarding or skiing, you know your heads not at it, then everything changes. So that’s one of the first things to learn the difference between positive mental attitude negative mental attitude, inertia, calmer and self starters. Get out of it. Right? Then you can start adding some skill, you can start learning how to negotiate and and how to frame a message in the right way. How to Use social psychology in the right way. And, and you build your game in the same way that you would build anything else. Yeah, you build it but this is built in the gym is. Is it hard? Yes. Hobbies fun? Yes. At least you know, you know, Sun Tzu said the journey of 1000 yards starts with a single step. You take that step it makes a difference and massive difference. Last week I was in Holland. This was interesting. So I went to Holland to work with the BSI they want to see how I work with our European team. There’s people in there from Italy, France, Belgium.

You name it was like United Nations in the Germans, whatever, all different cultures or different languages or different nationalities and I was sharing with them the science of persuasion and influence did this four day workshop and the guys loved it. And they said, Oh my god, one of the gals name is Kai remember it was going to get it you’re not. How’s that? Okay, tell me why he said last year she’s an 80,000 she’s already done 200,002 months this year. Yes. All down to you. He loved the young ones that I said cool. And I’ve got a billion success stories like financial advisors from just ordinary people because once you understand the science you know what you’re doing you can be on piece on purpose have the right mindset and when you’re doing the right things in the right way. It just makes life a whole lot easier and easier to scale your business you can teach people what sits behind what they do exactly what I was just thinking that it’s not just about being successful yourself and that you can teach they can learn from someone like yourself and then they can teach their advisors so many advisor the minute are been going for a while.

They doing well themselves and then but there’s never hired anyone before

and then they sort of getting that point Nick contacting us because they need more leads obviously but then they need to you know it’s a nice

way to hot there’s a way to hire people in the right way bring them through how to write your anger what interview questions are so you know working with a BS I was working with those guys and I was looking know same we’ve got vacancies not saying in Milton Keynes people could earn 50,000 quid a year working nine to that half eight to five 536 weeks holiday year six months for sick pay. You can’t have vacancies. Let me rewrite your job. Yeah rewrote the Job Change the interview questions as to what we’re looking for. We’re looking for people with energy we’re looking for people with edge we’re looking for people that can execute looking for people passion intelligence to deliver looking at location where do they live? They live on the moon and now let’s give them ago let’s get qualifications. They’re irrelevant let’s start looking at the people that are attitude values outlook and but

Sir energy that’s going to make a difference yeah all a CV will tell us what they’ve done before I mean they give me a good for you exactly it’s like so now we have no vacancies are saying we’re you know working those guys beautiful people and unless you have any vacancies they can’t have you know is such a great business love it so it’s easy so job hiring people training recruit yeah done it for last forever amazing I felt like we’re going to be over subscribed to this event

yeah now we will do so that’s it we’ve got that it was gonna say I’m writing we got an investment got it on audio sounds like a contract me definitely hold you to that I’ll be consistent with that commitment

yeah absolutely and then we chatted earlier about the we’ve got we’ve probably got 500 different podcast episodes that were recorded so we’re going to be twisting your arm to get you back on whether we do that remotely or whether it be good would be if maybe you got loaded questions from the guys I want to know some stuff loaded question so I could call in give you a question.

questions and I’ll give you my afraid my shame on you shame on us just some of the experiences that I’ve picked up over there let’s do that so I’ll dive in the group or put the questions that will get them back and we’ll get you to answer them I’ll be amazing be fun thank you so much for your time it’s been amazing I’m sure you can be bombarded with people following you now I’ve just been trying to twist David’s answers out of his own podcast as well so I’m sure will

teach me how to do

running businesses yeah yes he is to sell better and then

like like skills watch because i like i think i think i can make them a lot more money than 33 we don’t have access right okay so people can go to your website at the moment that’s right so my website is David at David Thompson Thompson is without a p David David Thompson calm and that’s an old website and just creating you and say yeah, you know, I’m not web design magical skills. Yeah, but you keep read a little bit about some of the stuff

The assets behind persuasion and influence or you can drop me an email David at David thompson.com and you’re gonna have to link to that video I’ll give you a link to county in his video and yeah,

you know, let’s have some fun with it and enjoy. Excellent and we’ll see everyone at this event when we work out when we can do just work out when you want to do you want to put an event on an outcome along and it will talk about the science of persuasion and influence and you know, I do

a few things for businesses. So I do today power of persuasion county workshop. I do one pre suasion workshop which is a day which is interesting I’ll do my own line sales transformation course that gets into all of this stuff that I used inside of my business I pitching framing negotiate and NLP for you name it all in there. And then I will say I help companies and do some consultancy if it’s a big enough gig. Yeah,

you know, that’s it. Fantastic. So yeah, brilliant. All right. Thanks again. My pleasure. Glad to

healthy and good to meet you.

And they haven’t there was David so this is going to be amazing. We’re going to be setting up this event where David can come and teach us all about the science of persuasion influence pre suasion, all these kind of things that can help you guys close more deals. So details of that will be coming soon. I’m going to be sitting down with David. We’ve been emailing since getting very excited about getting some brokers in a room and teaching them how to close more deals and really excited about that. If you’ve enjoyed this episode, please go to iTunes or wherever you download or listen to the podcast. leave us a review and I can get more people like David I might be able to twist David’s arm and come back on again. I think he might do anyway I charged him I think

but it would be I just really appreciate if you did that. If you haven’t already joined our Facebook group, the lead generation for financial services group on Facebook, loads of content in there we go twice. We go live twice a week at least some time.

And you’ll also get to see some of the interviews live that we do in our Facebook group as well as we do some interviews that are not live like on the podcast, but you may be missing out some as well on those Fridays and I will see you next time for another podcast episode.

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