008 – Tom Martin – YouTube Channel Fuel

008 - Tom Martin - YouTube Channel Fuel
008 - Tom Martin - YouTube Channel Fuel

I interviewed one of the world’s foremost experts in YouTube and YouTube strategy.

For the last 7 years he has been working in the corporate world working and growing the YouTube channels of some of the world’s biggest Media companies. He started out at the BBC and ran their channels, launching the official channels for both Doctor Who and Sherlock as well as adding millions of subscribers to the Top Gear channel.

He then went over to be head of YouTube and social media for a company called Endemol where he launched and revamped their channels and added billions of views and millions of subscribers in record time – most of which came from turning around the fortunes of Mr Bean!

Last year in June he took the plunge of leaving the corporate world to go it alone as a consultant.

Hello. Welcome back to the lead generation for financial services podcast. And this week we’re going to be talking about YouTube. So I’ve got a one of the world’s foremost YouTube and YouTube strategy consultant. He worked for the BBC and worked on YouTube channels like Doctor Who Sherlock Top Gear, increase the amount of subscribers and viewers massively. So this guy is a really impressive CV. I will let Tom introduce himself in a second. But if you are kind of really frustrated by YouTube, or just think there’s too much competition. Tom will break everything down for what we can do to get more viewers, more subscribers and like with everything, there are just simple things that you can do so without butchering it. Let’s hear from Tom, you’ve got quite an impressive CV. You were quiet.

Come together word but you weren’t, you weren’t, you were quite a common thing in the world you weren’t boasting about it what is the opposite of that? But I would be if I had worked on all these channels so you’ve started off at the BBC. So tell us what your credentials are in terms of the channels that you’ve worked on and managed yeah so I started off at the BBC back in 2012 so I’ve been working on YouTube pretty much every day since then for what is that now seven years which is an years on YouTube like like dog years so I’ve probably the you know the equivalent of probably been on YouTube for a lifetime I’m a dinosaur when it comes to the platform and I had zero had zero experience before I joined the BBC right totally blind the interview million percent just totally by the interview I’d never even uploaded a video before it to kind of learned the buttons I like to say in the first few days and then really just been

Trying to master the platform ever since then. So I’m not really a video guy I’m not really a production specialist I really tried to focus on getting the most out of a video once it’s ready to go on to youtube so I’m pretty early on I had some some quick wins I launched the doctor who channel within a few months the official Doctor Who channel without ever seen an episode of Dr here

Luckily, luckily luckily I had some real doctor who nerds around me that there helped me out there

yet. And then I was working on the top gear channel I managed to take that from 750,000 subscribers to three and a half million subscribers in my first 12 months which was

a pretty good win and set me in good stead. And you know, I was dining out on that statistic for years and years

but in the meantime, you know, picked up a few golden play buttons which is what happens when you get a million subscriber.

channel. So I’ve done that a few times. And then I moved over to a company called Endemol who are another big TV company and they make stuff like Peaky Blinders and master chef Black Mirror.

But actually their biggest property was Mr. Bean.

And they’re the Mr. Bean YouTube channel was pretty big as you had about 3 million subscribers. And I was doing about 30 million views a month, which sounds amazing and it is but in terms of what that channel I’ve done in the past, it was pretty hard times.

So I came in do what I do best kind of audited the whole channel made some changes in terms of like SEO and optimization. And by the time I left a year and a bit later,

the channel gone from 3 million to 10 million and was doing about 160 million views a month. So some pretty

impressive growth stats and I’ll be now dining out of them for the rest of my life.

And then yeah, so after my time that I decided that I wanted to stop making lots of money for other people on YouTube and start to try and make myself some money. So now I’m self employed. I have my own business where I consult with companies, brands and independent creators to help them get more views on YouTube, essentially. Yeah, brilliant. Fantastic. And I think a lot of people will say, you know, if I if I was in charge of like, Doctor Who, or Top Gear or whatever, I could do the same, but I guess just because you’re the official BBC doesn’t mean someone else can take clips from Doctor Who or top gear and outrank you. It doesn’t just because you are the BBC doesn’t give you special privileges, does it? You’re competing like everyone else. It certainly does help and I think in the future Jesus.

Kind of technical reasons that we won’t go into too much today that will probably help even more. But what I would argue is that, for example, that Mr. Bean channel took about seven years to get to 3 million subscribers. And then we took it to 10 million within 12 months of that by making some changes.

So arguably, yes, there are lots of people that could probably do a great job with something as amazing as Mr being

by thing that kind of growth is even you know, by my experience of being on the platform for seven years is hard to find other examples of of growth quite like that. Yeah, no, absolutely I’m brilliant then so you can obviously do that when there’s those sort of big audiences and how are you finding it now I guess you’re working with people that have got like a smaller cut a niche and things like that you is is the kind of the rules or sorry the kind of strategy the same no matter what size channel you’ve got. Yeah, I think the fundamentals of

remain the same, especially in terms of what I specialize in, which is kind of YouTube SEO. So we’re talking about like, how do you title a video and give it a good description and the tags and that kind of strategy. And that’s pretty much fundamentally the same, no matter what strategy will change slightly depending on where you are in your journey. You know, I’d say when you’re first getting started, you need to work harder to please the algorithm in order to be discovered at all because, you know, there’s so much competition on YouTube and it just gets harder and harder every day to start from scratch. So, you know,

if you would start a five years ago, you’d be a lot better off then you’re starting off today. And if you start off today, you probably be a lot better off than if you start tomorrow. So I’d say if you’re on that fence, I’d say you know, jump into the water sooner rather than later. But yeah, those early stage I think you need to work harder to

kind of take all of the SEO boxes. And then when you get to a certain size, you can start to have a little bit more creative freedom and kind of make videos that you know more. Maybe I’m

scratching your own itch, shall we say, Okay, cool. So if I tell you what I’ve been, we haven’t really been doing it if I was going to because I’ve been creating videos I’ve been looking at my SEO strategy for like people looking for mortgage leads or financial services leads and things like that. And I’m creating an accompanying video for my page and I’m titling it and I’m just watching it on YouTube. So I’m not doing this but what I’ve been looking into recently is getting the keywords anywhere Chrome extension and then searching on YouTube for something related to what I do seeing the numbers there and then creating a video but I’ve also found morning fame I think it’s cool Yeah.


Which will then kind of let me know whether I’ve got the if I if it’s likely that I’m going to rank for that as well. So is my Am I barking up the wrong tree? Or is that similar to what you’re now? I think, yeah, yeah, you’re definitely way more advanced than probably 95% of people using YouTube, right?

The fact that you’re doing keyword research at all is

amazing. And certainly, like one of my biggest tips is kind of my speciality. I’ve got a course coming out about YouTube keyword research in a couple of months. I did it I did a big talk about it in kind of like the industry’s biggest conference in LA last year. And it just went down a treat because it’s spoken about a lot, but no one really knows how to do it kind of scientifically.

So I can’t comment too much on the tools that you’ve mentioned, because I’ve not used them perfectly. I know of them. Yeah, so I can’t speak too much about the data that they provide a buyer

Recommended tool called vid IQ which gives

exact keyword search data. Whereas something like keywords everywhere I believe is an estimate derived from Google Search data.

And even even this morning I was doing some keyword research for a new channel and a new project that I’m working on. And I was I was doing some google keyword research as well because I wanted to launch in a company website and the the difference in traffic between what people were searching for on YouTube and Google for the same the same exact terms were

quite staggering, really, you know, more, you know, 10 times more people were searching on YouTube for the same term. So, um, I use that particular tool because I know I can rely on that for what people actually searching for on YouTube.

But really the yes that is

a giant part of my strategy is to find keywords that people are searching for on YouTube that are

have high search volume low competition and then optimize my videos metadata to try and rank for those keywords essentially. Okay, cool if anyone’s last will dissect each bit i think but I just want to talk a bit more about vid IQ I think I’ve heard about it I’ve never used it

will that so well that just give me traffic data. Will that also show me if I’m likely to rank as well? And what it gives a competition data as well so it will give you competition data but it will be kind of broad spectrum competition day and it won’t be waited to your channel like I believe morning fame does. Yes. So it will say generally the competition for this keyword is really good or really bad, but it won’t it won’t change the number depends on who’s searching right excellent. Okay. Which is probably a big floor by say, Yeah, but morning fame is incredibly cheap.

I don’t know.

How much lead IQ is? Is it is it? Is there a free version? What’s there is a there is a free version bit will only give you time it won’t unlock all of those keyword results. But you can get that to unlock their cheapest paid version which I believe is

$10 a month. If you pay monthly and like $7 a month if you pay annually sites in terms of a YouTube tool, it’s the best money I have begun to spend. And I use it I use it every day. That’s amazing because I think morning famous about the same price. So if you think you know, $20 a month if that’s going to get me you know if I’m going to start getting clients because then you’re not tied into the annual thing. Yeah. Okay. So if I’m if I’m sitting on the fence now and I’m thinking $20 a month I could spend that on ads or something like that. How long would you give it so that’s this take you know, if we think about a mortgage broker, there’s got a few videos already what what would you what time frame would you give say I

Done your course. And I follow everything. Yeah. What? What sort time would you give it? Well, it depends more exactly what results you would expect. But you can expect to see changes. Within a couple of weeks. I’ve seen, you know, I’ve seen changes take take hold almost instantly. And I’ve seen some changes not have too much of an effect. And it all kind of depends on the broader strategy of,

you know, how good the videos are for a start, you know,

without wanting to be to

cruise like, you can’t Polish a turd if, if the, you know, optimize. So, I always like to say that optimization is a multiplier of quality. So, she’s got a great video and you’ve optimized it really well. It will do really well if you’ve got an average video that’s really well optimized. They’ll probably do quite well but she’s got a bad video that’s what optimized you know you can

contract and what you might be able to get get in front of some people. But if then if the audience don’t react in a good way, if they don’t stick around and watch lots of your video and lots of your videos, YouTube will not continue to recommend you. So

this is not a shortcut. This is a kind of best practices that is going to help you to reach the kind of full potential of what you’re making. And another thing is that this system or this, you know, the strategy only really works if you’re consistent.

So if I if I was if I had a channel that was based on

you know,

call me car maintenance and I’ve made videos about common sense for a year and then I did some keyword research and realized there was a really good opportunity to make a video about

vital and mortgages I’m not going to rank for that video because YouTube’s going to look at my channel and say you don’t have the authority to speak on why to let mortgages life so your way

Not going to rank you for that. So there are a number of factors, one being the kind of watch time that you can generate. And the second being, like, how consistently you and how, how you related to that niche. Are you in authority in that niche. Okay. So if I’ve had a channel for a while, and I’ve just been not really doing much with it,

I suppose, I guess, this evening to take case by case. But you do you think it’s better to start fresh on something, if you’ve just been fooling around and not taking it seriously, no, I wouldn’t start fresh. I would go back in in terms of SEO and go back and clean up everything that I’ve done in the past. But what I would do is kind of stick a flag in the ground and say, like, now we’re starting now. You know, we mean business and you need to be consistent. You need to be able to publish at least one video a week, I’d say if you want to be taken seriously by the algorithm. And I’d say if you can’t commit to do that, I probably wouldn’t bother because you’re only going to get

Like any platform, whether it’s blogging, email, marketing, social media, you’re only going to get out of it, what you put in and if you can’t, if you can’t keep consistent,

we don’t really have a choice. So you really just You’re wasting your time and resource investment. Yeah, awesome. Okay, cool. So we’ve got we’ve got a bit little bit geeky early when we were talking about like titles matters descriptions and tags and things like that we’ve got quite a few marketing managers that will know what that is but we’ve got some kind of self employed brokers and kind of solo printers that maybe don’t know what that is so you should we start the top with with the title and work our way down yes

a good title should be

keyword rich so when we talk about keywords with with talking about what words are people searching for in the search bar

so let’s say you’re trying to rank for by to let mortgage and then you’d need

have that

in the title of the video. So it might be Ultimate Guide to buy to let mortgages or might be buy to let mortgages one or one or five reasons you should

stop selling Baitullah mortgages.

And then I would also go a step further and say, What is the kind of an umbrella subject that you’re trying to be an authority insight might be. So what’s the name of your YouTube channel? For example,

in my youtube channel? Yeah, yeah. So the lead engine i think is okay.

Yep. So you might have something like

the ultimate guide to buy to let mortgages and then as a kind of subtitle, you might have

financial services advice as kind of like a subtype and then I would have your channel name so the lead engine so what we’d

What what I always like to say is that the front end of the title is for humans and the rest of it is for the machine. So what we so we need to start the title to be keyword rich. So we we get that SEO value also we need to get if we get in front of someone we need to get clicked on. So it can’t be too dry can’t be too boring, it needs to really answer a question that’s being asked. And then the rest of it is really we just getting some extra keywords in there. And by having

like your channel name at the end of all of your video titles, and we’ll see this as we go from the other elements is what we’re trying to do is engineer relationships between our own videos and this is really key and this is not what many people talk about because ultimately when somebody watches one of your videos you want you to to say well, they enjoyed that and we can clearly see that these other videos are very closely

related to what he’s just spoken about. And they’ve got the same big section of their title. And they’ve got the same selection of tags. And they’ve got some very similar text in their descriptions. So what we’re doing, we’re trying to just give subtle hints that Well, you know what, YouTube if, if people like what I’m seeing here, they’re also going to like these other 20 videos that are suggested down here. And it’s that suggested sidebar, which is really going to make or break in YouTube channel

because if you’re taking up those slots, you know, that’s really kind of an organic and sustainable way to get views for your YouTube channel. Instead of just trying to get one or two viral here we just we just created an engine where people can go into one video and they’re just going to get sucked into a wormhole of watching more and more of your videos. Fantastic. love it when I said to you before we hit record, I love doing these interviews because I learned so much and

that slightly and it’s funny. How silly

All these things are and they just make sense. And it’s just like a little thing that that makes perfect sense in my head. I should have thought of it before

and I love it. So

yeah, this this. So yeah, a lot of what I teach is very kind of just logical. And basically, there are no secret. There are no silver bullets. There’s no secret hacks. There’ll be a lot of people that will try and say, how do you hack the algorithm? You don’t you make good content and you optimize

and if you hit those fundamentals and those foundational elements correctly, then you’ll do well brilliant excellent. Okay, so we’ve done our title with

10 reasons to remortgage in 2019, or something

with mortgage advice, like would you put like a dash? Oh, yeah, yeah, it doesn’t it doesn’t really matter what the separator is but yeah, and then as a national group, Vice dash my company name and then I went on next to my

Yes So you want to start off every video with again a keyword rich

synopsis of the video so in this video we’re going to tell you why in 2019 it’s important to

have vital and mortgages on offer in your brokerage sorry i’m not i’m not an expert

but what what you’re trying what you’re trying to do is get those keywords into that description. Yeah, again, you want in these to read well for humans. So you can’t just do like a long list of keywords. It needs to be like it needs to make perfect sense in English because we’re writing for humans as well as the machine

and then so each each video will have a unique description like synopsis, but underneath that, just like in the title, I like to layer on a few things that start to get common amongst similar video.

So I like to

it might not necessarily be relevant for everybody here their channel but I like to think of a video as a channel and it has categories of in it so let’s say for example you the lead engine you might make videos around mortgages around accountancy around tax

around insurance

and then what you want is to create kind of commonalities between those categories like I said we’re we’re engineering relationships so in every description of a insurance video you might say Click here to watch our playlist of excellent in insurance broker videos and then you might have a similar thing for all of your mortgage broker videos and similar for that to be of that is you’re getting keywords like insurance broker in there be also sending people off if they do click to go and watch unload more.

Your videos and then underneath that I would have something that sums up the entire channel I can just a couple of couple of sentences that say Hi there this is the leader engine YouTube where specialist in generating leads for the financial services industry whatever whatever other keywords you wanted to get in and I would put that on every single video that you upload again we’re just trying to show commonality between videos

and drive eyeballs between our own videos basically brilliant I love it and that’s one thing I definitely would have thought of because when you when you’re doing like SEO normal it on Google like having things that are the same like duplicate content yeah it doesn’t like that then I totally get the logic behind doing that in the description for YouTube if that’s what Google likes as well and this this is this is why you always have to have that unique

synopsis at the top because what we never ever one is is that every

Have two videos that have 100% identical meta data for those reasons. Yeah, because then you’re looking it’s just spammy. And it’s lazy. And it’s a bad user experience as well. So you always have to have something unique in every title, tag and description. Brilliant. Fantastic. Okay. And then after our description, we’ve got the opportunity to put tags in there, which again, I assume is making that link between all your videos. Yeah, you guessed it. So again, we’re doing like a layered system where we put some tags that we would apply to every single video on the channel. So that might be like financial services, financial services, leads lead generation and then you have a set of tags for each category. So you have your insurance tags, you have your mortgage tags, and you have your or investment tags

and then you have the because remember, we need unique metadata for each video and then on each other.

video will have a few tags that are video specific. So we might have on your

buyer to rent mortgages who have like by to read mortgage bites around, should I get a bite to rent, mortgage

you know that kind of stuff so that again is there is a lot of similar metadata across the channel and nothing is 100% identical. Brilliant and I’m just thinking in my head cuz I’m thinking right soon as we get off I’m going to be going and all my journal and I was thinking what I’m going to create a Google Doc that has got my content that so that bit in the description at the bottom I’ll have that typed out. So when I when I’m uploading a new video, I have this Google Doc open on the other side and I’ll have those keywords for the tags in a separate section. So I can literally copy and paste to do my unique stuff and then copy and paste my stuff that goes on on everything. Do you do a similar system or absolutely 100% and that’s the beauty

So not only does this become super SEO ninja stuff is really, really efficient because it becomes a copy and paste job. And so, you know, say 70% of the metadata for every single video uploaded is predetermined Yeah, and so you’re just putting on the video specific stuff on top of that. So it’s really consistent, really good for SEO and also really efficient because it takes away a lot of the legwork and if you’re using something like vid IQ IQ buddy, you can program a lot of this stuff to be like a default so you can say well this is an insurance videos so populate that end of your title,

that chunk of your description and those chunk of tags, so you don’t even have to copy and paste there. Oh, amazing.

Even better. Brilliant. Okay, so um, do then our playlists make an effect are we should we be because I’ve set them I’ve set playlists up just so I can send

The link out but I wasn’t really thinking in terms of SEO for my playlist is that factor? Yeah playlist. A huge and really kind of underutilized weapon because one

YouTube love playlists because you know, if you send someone to a playlist, they’re much more likely to go and watch 567 videos. Yeah. As opposed to one

and two, when you create a new playlist you’re creating, like, without having to upload your you’re increasing the footprint on the platform. You know, there’s another way that somebody can bump into you. And there’s another reason that someone might come to YouTube. And if you can imagine that if you can rank a playlist for a good keyword, you’re not ranking one video, you’re ranking like seven, eight videos.

So it’s really great. There’s not that much you can do in terms of optimizing a playlist apart from making the title keyword rich. And there’s also a space to make a description which was somewhat keyword rich. I didn’t know that was there because I’ve been creating the

whitelists when I’m uploading the video sometimes and just doing the ads the title and then not doing a description yeah so you can go back into the playlist settings and adding a little blurb that fantastic okay cool Is there any other metadata that we’ve missed I’m not necessarily obviously you want a really good thumb now again because you’re trying to get clicked so so good being discovered but if you don’t get clicked again you’ll stop getting served

so it’s no different than having a good blog title or a good image for a Facebook ad something like that you’ve got you’ve got our increase that conversion rate

and it’s sort of a nap now YouTube actually gives you that conversion rate data in analytics which had never used to so you can see how well your your videos are converting brilliant any tips on on like thumbnails what to feature I think it was actually the vid IQ guy

He does YouTube lives where he writes other people’s channels and I think he was like saying, don’t have the title of your video in your thumbnail make it different. Yeah, absolutely. Very good friends of mine. Those would ask you guys,

this is the perfect, perfect advice. One thing to be careful is not to have too much texting a thumbnail generally because,

you know, most YouTube Traffic is on mobile. Yeah. And so people are seeing it like that big. So if you’ve got loads of text in it, it’s going to be impossible to read on mobile and secondly exactly like I’ve a robot Jeremy said on the vid IQ channel is that you don’t want to duplicate your title on the on the phone now because when do you ever see a YouTube thumbnail where it’s not directly next to

the top of it just never happens. So you’re you’re wasting the opportunity. So if you imagine that

Your title is kind of super keyword rich and more SEO optimized. Any text that you put on the thumbnail, you want to be click optimized. So might be a little bit more sensational,

a little bit more sexy.

You know, you don’t want to cross over into being like clickbait

and you never want to make any promises in the text that your video doesn’t deliver on, but you can probably use it to be a little bit more salesy, should we say it again, we’re looking to convert someone from a browser into a into a viewer. Yeah. Okay, awesome. Okay, I’ve got another question quite selfishly because I find blogging at the moment so we recently moved off this and I wanted to document the old office and the whole move and everything and I’m basically I’m just carried on doing

so that I presumed people aren’t searching for like, oh, somebody might have log Have you got any ideas or

experience in that type of video where it’s kind of documenting so I get yeah and it’s a lot more difficult and people are searching for like the word know, vlog vlog 2019 Yes The problem is you’re competing with just a giant channels just like YouTube superstars and stuff like that. And

I would,

I would hazard a guess to say that those and not let co channel apologies. I would hazard a guess to say that those videos then get viewed as much as your kind of how to content would that be right? Well, it’s funny because actually I’m getting because LinkedIn is now embedding the YouTube video and rather than when you put the link in, so I get decent views of but it’s via LinkedIn Yeah, on the blog and people curious about what we’re up to,

but yes.

But I don’t get any kind of like search traffic off that I know that yeah so what I would say is whether it’s a blog or not a great piece of advice that I always give to people is to separate your different types of videos so you might put like

you might get a list of all of your videos and you might say well that’s a blog that’s a hell to that’s a repurpose Facebook Live that’s a direct piece of camera piece to camera that’s about insurance that’s about mortgages that’s about credit cards and then what you can do is you can take the video ID and you can stick that into a custom group in YouTube analytics and instead of trying to guess what you think is doing well or not you can say well you know

the the the paces the camera outperform repurpose Facebook Lives by 50% or videos about insurance. Get 20% more views and videos about credit cards and then you can

That to hone down your

your style of video, but also the topics of your video.

So you might say, you know what, these logs a gray. My customers love them potential clients love them. But YouTube doesn’t say you know what I’m just gonna create Instagram Stories I’m just going to upload natively to LinkedIn if people want to see stuff about us It might be that LinkedIn is the place for those videos and because the problem is YouTube will set look at you as a whole they won’t just say okay well we’ll promote your how to but we won’t promote the roles what they’ll say is this blog content isn’t doing great so we’re not going to send out the next video and if the next video happens to be a how to video that’s going to suffer from the performance of a previous bad videos so I’d be I’d be quiet if you as long as you’ve got enough data to actually make a kind of scientific judgment and say

is it statistically relevant? I’d say you know these blogs are performing


so much worse by might be there somewhere

and say, because of that, I’m going to do less of video type x and more video type Why? And I’m going to make them in format a instead of format be

because that’s what the algorithm likes. I know like, we’re part of similar communities online, such as the new print of community and you know, repurposing content is really important, it really makes sense. But it doesn’t mean that all of the platforms respect that. Yeah, so if you’ve got like a an audio only podcast and then you just put the audio up that’s not necessarily going to cut it on YouTube. So like having these groups in analytics will really tell you what’s working what’s not

and where you’re really wasting your time and resource not only that you could actually be hurting the performance of stuff that would otherwise perform a lot better Yeah, now this was I think it so if I’ve got a sort of a great

group of videos that not doing very well hold on my channel back would deleting them make a difference or if it’s done it’s done and I’m not really a fan of the league and stuff especially if it’s you know a few years old because you never know who might find it and they might go on a journey and find your new stuff so I think that’s I think that’s probably maybe a little bit too much but why why we’re definitely again is say put a flag in the ground and say from now on you know what we’re not putting any more repurpose live streams on all we’re not playing anymore. We don’t make it any more videos about

debt consolidation, because you choose doesn’t like it for what you know, I’m just making that they don’t like it and they D monetize it. So we’re not going to make any more videos about debt consolidation. Fantastic. Brilliant. Okay, well, I feel like I’ve got massive To Do List already, but I also feel like we’re potentially just scratching the surface.

And I’m really excited about your, your course it’s coming out. So can you tell us as coming the marches you say, yeah, yeah. Brilliant. So what am I going to learn? And how can I find out about it and make sure I get a reminder when it when it’s when it comes out? Yeah. So, um, this course will be, this is my first course. And it will be specifically about YouTube keyword research. So I I’ve just actually put some finishing touches to some recording this morning. So I’ve not finished the process of the of the car and I’m doing like a live case study of a new channel that I’m building and so far, it’s taken me about seven hours to do the keyword research for this new channel and you’ll be taken in painstaking detail my process of how I do the research but then how I implement that in order to

to grow the channel to come up with video ideas and that kind of stuff so you can sign up for a waiting list if you go to

www dot channel feel.co forward slash course fingers crossed that is correct.

I was just gonna write it on

Oh, so hopefully hopefully it will work.

If not, I’ll send you the link and we can you can see you out maybe later so that’s due to to launch in March and then they’ll probably be the first of a number of courses if that’s a bit too advanced for some of you

I do have a book on kind of general YouTube optimization which is again just touching on those fundamentals how to write a tie or how to write a description how to make a good film now and you can find that www dot optimization ebook. com you can spell that the American or the English way because I’m kind of

I’m conscientious like that.

And that’s like a really

nice less than 10

dollars and that you know that’s

a lot of information that will make sure that you’re running your YouTube channel and really optimally from day one pretty much fantastic excellent thank you so much right I feel like I’ve learned a ton and I’m really excited to get into my youtube channel look at some of the old stuff and see what improvements yeah no worries and maybe I can come back next year and we can see how you how you how you how you’ve grown the channel since then. Challenge accepted

brilliant cool all right thank you so much for your teammates and obviously if I want to speak to you if it’s a lot of work and I don’t want to do it myself I can go to channel feel dot CEO and get you to do it for me I presume you can indeed yes fantastic. So yeah my fancy new graphics we’ve got the site of the bottom also drop a link in the comments as well and thank you again me and we will speak to you soon and a pleasure Good luck Good luck everyone. With

channels fantastic thank you. I absolutely love that show with Tom and I hope you took something from it as well I immediately got my laptop out my YouTube channel out and I started ordering it and I am signing up for that vid IQ as well so if you enjoyed that conversation and you want to see these interviews live in our Facebook group just search for lead generation for financial services on Facebook you’ll find the group you can join there you’ll also get see talking and live as well where we critique social media adverts to help you make better and as well if not I will hopefully see you next week or you’ll hear me next week on the podcast and I would really appreciate if you could subscribe leave a review it will be amazing it will mean I can get some much bigger gas all that Tom is not you know you can’t get much bigger than the the world’s biggest YouTube strategist but I want to bring to you every a big name in marketing and financial services so that we can all learn together and generate some more leads for our business. So So tune in next week and I will see you then.

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