007 – Jake Jorgovan – Financial Services Leads On Linkedin

007 - Jake Jorgovan - Financial Services Leads On Linkedin
007 - Jake Jorgovan - Financial Services Leads On Linkedin

Jake has an agency called Lead Cookie where he takes over his clients Linkedin account and approaches potential customers and partners. He talks through his approach and the scripts they use to spark conversations.

Lead Cookie
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Hello. Welcome back to the lead generation for financial services podcast. And this week, I’m joined by Jake Jorgensen. And he is a specialist in outreach on LinkedIn. So this is a really good for b2b people. But also, we talk about some strategies for b2c as well, and especially for you a mortgage brokers as well. So listen out for that Jackson. Incredible guest. In fact, I took one of the things that he mentioned, I tried it on LinkedIn, and it works. It was crazy. I just started a conversation with some marketing managers who otherwise I would never spoke to. So let’s, let’s dive into this live conversation that I had with Jake into our Facebook group. Here we go. Okay. Hello, everyone. We’re back again with another expert interview. And this week, I have got Jake jog. And we’re going to be talking a b2b. LinkedIn prospecting. Hello, J. K. Do

pretty good. Thanks for having me on the show. Alex.

No worries, okay, so we’re going to, we want to. So I normally do like an icebreaker question, which is a bit random. But first of all, I just want to kind of what are people going to learn from us today, if they stick around listening

to the big core thing, two key things we can talk about today. One would be really just how to generate leads on LinkedIn, how you can basically as someone working in finance, get customers, whether it’s businesses, businesses, or even other consumers, how you can get those leads on LinkedIn, exact script systems and processes for doing that. And we can also talk a bit more if you’re overwhelmed on the content side of things, how you can simply handle some of that as well. And just get that off your plate and build systems. So that content becomes really easy.

Okay, so that’s kind of picture, we’ve got a client that’s coming to you, and then they do business fine. And say, they said, they do business loans, or, or I guess they do a business insurance product, and they’re on LinkedIn. But they kind of don’t know what they’re doing what was kind of like, I guess what, what the big mistakes that people make, to start with,

yeah, so I think by the, the big thing on LinkedIn is, like, I’ll, I’ll share. And I think probably the biggest mistake and especially people in this financial world is, if you don’t have a good value proposition or something that’s going to set you apart and make you unique, then, like, you’re probably going to fail at LinkedIn, or really most marketing tactics that you you end up imploring and, and so like, the, the, the formula I always tell people is like, you know, we’ve run 160, LinkedIn campaigns at this point. And so you take, like, you know, our frameworks, which we put people, we’ve got a handful of different frameworks. But almost everyone goes to the same approach, you multiply that by their value proposition, and that creates these results. And so their value proposition is like, really week, and they’re just like, Hey, we’re just trying to do you know, personal finance planning for anybody, then, like, we’re, it’s probably just not going to work. And so that’s like, the biggest number one mistake. And we have lots of we’ve had lots of finance people reach out to us. And, you know, there’s some more, they’ve got a unique product, they’ve got a unique hook, they’ve got some specialization, and that is what is going to be the biggest thing that makes success more than anything else, the rest of is all just tactics and doing the work.

Yeah, totally agree. Totally agree. I mean, we niche down what we do, and the benefits of that you obviously narrowing your audience, which I think is what people are afraid of. They think they’re going to miss out. But actually, I think it opens you up some more. So totally agree. That’s it? Would it be So could I be like, I do business loans for dentists? Would that be kind of Yeah,

yeah, yeah. And then. So like, I mean, that there’s a lot of ways you can do this kind of stuff. And, but like that, the other thing that I think a lot of people get scared of, especially with outreach as like, you don’t have to meet your whole company, just to do like, a LinkedIn outreach campaign. Like, if you’ve got a certain like, set of customers that are really, you know, interesting, or like, they have some unique offering, then, like, you can, you can just build a campaign around that, that you do LinkedIn outreach for, and you can kind of nice your campaign messaging around that. But you don’t have to totally change your whole website for that. Yeah. So that’s like one example. We had like one guy he didn’t go for with us. But I think those are strong value proposition of, he was basically doing these like retirement plans. And there was like, this really interesting thing for like, basically expats of Britain who had worked for these big companies that weren’t able to claim part of the retirement plan, because they now lived abroad. And so it’s like, super niche. But if you like, get the people that are passed employees, this company then like you can, you’ve got a like, no one else’s, approaching them with that kind of messaging, you know, and so that’s a thing is like, look for those unique cases and my ways to catch someone’s attention.

And how can you just craft like a really targeted campaigns are going to be break through the door and be like, Oh, this is definitely relevant to me.

Yeah, no, absolutely, again, can’t agree more on that. And I forgotten who it was that said it. And this was more about advertising. And they said, your your ad is a spear and your website can can be a net, see, your website can still cover everything. But when you’re doing that focus add that’s on that one specific thing. So again, absolutely, totally agree. Exactly. Okay. So so I assume, well, I know for sure that people make mistakes when they’re actually making that connection. Am I jumping too far ahead. When we talk about actually messaging people now, because I get a connection straight away from someone, and then that again, sa of like, what they do, and I’m just like, dude, like, come on, I have no idea who you are. And you’ve just thrown up in my inbox like, I shoot him, you’re gonna say, that’s the wrong thing to do? You’ve got a better approach.

Yeah, so there’s a handful of different approaches that I can share here. But the the biggest number one thing I’ll say is that out of any approach we take on LinkedIn, just blatantly pitching people is by far always the worst performing Yeah, it gets the lowest response rate and the lowest results. And what we find on LinkedIn works really well is just really in any sort of outreach is just don’t pitch but just try to start conversations. And so some of the approaches will say, you know, will send a kind of just a casual connection requests, because you’re just trying to get that connection accepted. And whenever they do accept that the next message we take, is really going to be very casual. And I will try a few different approaches sometimes will say, you know, I will ask a probing question. And so, you know, we might ask something like, Hey, what are your primary lead generation channels? Or what do you, you know, how often are you publishing content right now, or, you know, what are you know, what are your thoughts on XYZ? And so, you kind of asked this probing question that’s around your, your business and you’re offering and that just kind of becomes a conversation starter to get them talking. You ideally want something that’s not a yes, no, but you can actually get kind of some information back from them.

That’s one approach, we have another one where were, you know, one that I think is really relevant toward people in this kind of financial services. Space is just like trying to offer to go to coffee or lunch with people very great. If you’re just targeting a local markets and just reached out on LinkedIn, say, hey, it’s like a network would love to grab coffee, see, if there’s any way we can help each other out. Like that kind of approach works very well. And it also works really well, if you’re talking to like strategic partners, one of the most obscure in most successful campaigns we’ve had with actually a roofing company, and he reached out to insurance agents and real estate brokers, and was basically saying, Hey, you know, just thought, you know, it’d be good to connect with others in the industry, see, if we can ever refer business each other’s way, would love to grab coffee or lunch sometime, like, overwhelmed to, like, his schedule was so packed with me, and that he was like, trying to keep up with this. And it was literally just basically, like, networking him with referral partners, right. So that’s another approach to that, like these coffee meetings with other end clients, or with potential strategic partners, those are some other really good angles that would be useful for this market

absolute is that kind of opens us up to them to people that are doing like B to C, say, like, mortgages and things like that. So how can you create relationships with like, estate agents and things like that. So you’ve got those partners that are on LinkedIn. So it’s not necessarily always about going directly to the customer, right?

Yep, exactly. And that’s, again, where he was going, like, for him, he’s like, I know, I could go, I could try to put a bunch of money and to, you know, channels and try to get, you know, direct, you know, like stuff from, you know, consumers, but I’m like, I’m going to be competing there. He’s like, if I can just go and build relationships with a bunch of insurance agents that specialize in like, residential insurance. He’s like, I know that like one of those agents, even if I even if I had like a one in 20 success rate, one of those agents could refer me like 100 clients over a year if I build a good relationship with them. And so that was like his approach and like, it works super well. Literally within like, the first week, he’s like, this guy’s I mean, he’s also very personable guy. So it helps if you’re like that, but he’s, he goes golf somehow, like one of the first leads, he’s golfing with them within two weeks. And he’s like, I think they’re going to send us 100 k contract like yourself,

I was like, well, props to you for getting to the golf game that quickly and converting that out of there. So

that’s amazing. Because I think when you first said about the coffee thing, I was kind of thinking, cause that like too soon, but when it’s feels like it when it’s a partner that feels like actually, like a really good kind of apron, and they’ve yet for that, so yeah, then that. That’s awesome. That’s brilliant. OK, cool. So So I see what happens next, because you’re obviously we haven’t really talked about your business, but you’re kind of managing this process for for clients as well, what kind of happens next? Is there any way, you know, once they’ve kind of your heart, you’ve got a bit of a soft approach that how you kind of pushing that into a lead and booking calls and things like that.

Yeah, so our service, kind of what we do is like, we just handle the profile optimization, sending all the connection request, sending those messages, and then we hand the leads to someone whenever they respond and show interest. So that point where someone’s like, Yeah, I’d love to grab coffee, or Sure, it’d be interested in my quick call to talk more like, that’s the point where we hand it off. Yeah, but we actually, there’s still a lot that goes into that, because the thing was worth like an outbound lead is very, very different than an inbound lead. And so a lot of times, there’s like, you’ve got to kind of nurture like, someone might not be ready to buy. Like, typically, if you guys generate an inbound lead for someone, the great thing about inbound leads is they’re showing intense, like, Hey, I’m looking for a solution today. Yeah, with an outbound lead, you know, you might meet with a partner, and they’re like, Oh, this is cool. But I don’t have anybody right now. And you just got to kind of stay on top of mind with them, you’ve got to nurture them. So things like newsletters, or even just like having like, if you’re really organized their CRM, and you can just follow up with people once, even like once a quarter and just try to know just see how things are going. That like, is really kind of the key to it is just to get people to meetings, try to explore opportunities, if there’s an opportunity, now, you have to push forward with that. But a lot of times, it’s with outbound leads, it’s just kind of making that connection, building trust. And then keeping Top of Mind and aware of with them through content or other means like that.

Okay, brilliant. So I’m just going to step inside our audiences shoes a little minute and kind of probe you with some questions. I think they might have kind of know, maybe concerned not concerned about using your your service, but just some obstacles, which I’m sure you’ve got answers well, but so I was thinking, if you’re managing my LinkedIn profile form, and you’re doing the outreach, would it be catastrophic? If you started a conversation with someone who I already knew? And they knew me, we just weren’t connected on LinkedIn. And and you started that process and you didn’t know we knew each other? Has that ever happened? Or

is that something I would say it’s happened 160 accounts, it’s probably happened five or six times. Okay, so it can’t happen. The thing is, for customers who are really cautious of that, we just tell you to like, sync your email contact database with LinkedIn, and it’ll send connections to everybody who you’ve emailed with, yeah, probably the easiest way to avoid it. But for the most part, whenever it has happened, otherwise, our customers like, Hey, guys, have someone helping me with LinkedIn? Sorry, I got mixed into that. But it it has been mostly minimal in terms of that actually happening. So

okay, cool. And then the other one, I was thinking, because your business obviously is quite scalable. I was talking about CRM there, do you have to? Do I have to have a specific CRM to the guys? Or can you work with anyone, how you managing that side of things?

Yeah, so we have all of our customers this tool called air table, which is a kind of a service like a spreadsheet that organizes all the leads, we can set up integrations to connect with whatever CRM they’re using. But we find that not every LinkedIn responses worthy of being in you know, your CRM us. So we basically kind of, we have this joint space that we worked in, which keeps all your LinkedIn stuff organized. And then whenever you’ve got someone who’s like, Oh, this is proceeding, then like, that’s when most of our customers will move that out of disable into whatever their primary CRM is.

Okay, fantastic. So there’s kind of, I can’t think of any other reasons not to let you guys because you’re, you’re you’re doing that, because I guess, you know, it’s quite, I mean, it’s quite simple, what we’ve covered already, so anyone can kind of do it, I’m guessing the main reason why people using it is time.

Yeah, it takes it would take you at least 60 to 90 minutes a day to do this on your own, just the part that we do. Yeah, and most of our customers still have, you know, 15 to 30 minutes a day of work, just handling the leads that we give them. So

it definitely, it takes a lot of time. And so like, all in, you’d be looking at least 90 minutes to hours, if you were to run the whole outreach process and handle all the responses and do that on your own. And so that’s where we just kind of handle it. We’ve, we know, we have had, we have customers who have taken it in house, though, and they’ve got like, people who are supporting them, and they just keep running it. But the biggest people come to us is because the time and just it’s honestly hard to keep organized. So it’s a it’s a challenge. Yeah,

no, absolutely. I think the same with with what we do. We’re like managing ads and things like that. We try and get as much advice as we can. People can do it themselves. But it’s It is time consuming as well. So you know, definitely get Okay, cool. Is it is there any other advice that we can can give everyone terms of that that LinkedIn prospecting?

Yeah, I think the other big thing like maybe the high level like you, first of all you wants to LinkedIn Sales Navigator to do this is their premium version of their product. And it’s going to let you do higher volume and get way more targeted. And then the Maxi, you want to send us about 100 connection requests per day, you don’t want to go over that. Or you can risk getting your LinkedIn profile in trouble. And don’t try to do this without Sales Navigator. Or you’ll get in trouble.

Because basically, if you pay them, they let you do more activity.

And so those are the big things. And then

the other thing is also the other tip, I always tell people in terms of their LinkedIn profile is just to make sure the profile is like kind of written like a sales page, where your

your copy is about your prospect, the pain they have, and how you solve that pain, and not just a boring resume about where you went to college, and what extracurricular activities you’re in, and what career path you have. Because no one cares. Yeah. And so you want to make it really more like copy about the prospect and how you help them. And that’s going to hook people’s interests, especially your tagline on LinkedIn as well.

Okay, so have you got any good examples of timelines that either written or you’ve seen?

Yeah, so one of the, the go to, if the go to your framework that I always start with, and sometimes, you know, will modify or break out of this a bit, but I help x do or accomplish why through z. So, you know, this one guy might say, like, I help, you know, British ex pats game, you know, 20% back on their taxes through a little known facts hack or something like that, or something like that. But like something like I hope or for us, we say, you know, I helped b2b companies generate leads on LinkedIn through done for you prospecting. So, yeah, like, really just, I help you know, the, the client accomplish a results through how you do it is basically the formula that I typically start with, and will then modify off of that

brilliant and then with that description as well of like, the, because you’ve got the, I’ve got where they call, it’s not called the, the about me, but it’s kind of that that main, do you have, like a formula for writing that as well?

Yeah, there’s, um, john Nimmo has some really good content out there. And I’ve kind of just used his framework. But just like what I do, how I do it, what people are saying, or who have worked with, and then like, my contact me, so it’s like, really simple. But that like, again, it’s

nothing too crazy. They’re just trying to get make it about your prospects as opposed to resume style. Even mine. Actually, I just kind of brought it more like a really short sales page. So yeah, just keep it really short, really simple. And making it about your prospects is really the biggest shift. And I would just look into some job name I was content if you want the specifics on like, the frameworks or stuff to work out with the profile.

Okay, brilliant. We can drop the links in for those as well. Fantastic. What other kind of, I guess because you’re, I assume you guys are prospecting yourselves on LinkedIn to get more people into your service. What kind of objections to people like have the people say, Oh, I didn’t think prospecting on LinkedIn works, or is there anything else that that

it’s about it. The really interesting thing about this, and actually, so we were launching a new company right now. And so I’m actually I’ve shifted my outreach toward that. And so like, the interesting thing is, I actually have this like, buyer awareness chart here. And it’s really interesting, I started this mind map, because you start to, like, see these trends. And it starts to, like, show you like, what, where is your customers heads? And where are you thinking? And so like, that is like, the really interesting thing that comes out of outreach. And people being like, Oh, I can do this myself, or I don’t need this because I have this or I’m not big enough for this, or, you know, all these things. And you start to you learn from doing outreach who’s not a good fit. Yeah. And you start to also learn, like, what are the objections people have and like, which ones can you overcome? And which ones can you not, that’s the other really interesting part that comes out of our reach is you learn so much about your target market and how they respond to you with that

fantastic Okay, great. Okay, so let’s talk about the new business as well that and because you’re helping so we’ve got a lot of people our audience and enough Facebook group that are they’ll, they’re like, solo printers, I guess, their their self employed, and they’ve got to do their this stuff like this outreach themselves. I’ve got to do Facebook ads themselves, their SEO, maybe their website and things like that. And this new business sounds like it’s a solution for that. Awesome, some help.

Yeah, so the, the new business is its content allies is what it’s called. And basically, this, this kind of came out of fixing my own pain point. Yeah, and really, so like, I’ve been running my own website, my own blog, and like my own podcast and marketing for a long time. And along the way, I eventually realized, like, very quickly that managing the website, getting the posts online, getting the thumbnails created, getting the podcast uploaded, there’s like all these really monotonous things that come along with any like content or publishing or anything like that, I just so like,

all those little like things. And I would be like, okay, so I’m going to write an article. And then I’m going to spend another, you know, 45 minutes to an hour getting that on my website, and formatted correctly. And I like I could have written another article in that amount of time. So yeah, I started trying to get trying to solve this by hiring virtual assistants from sites like up work and stuff like that. And I just kept having them flake out on me, I had like, four people flake out on me initially, over like the years I tried this. And eventually, as I like, built up lead cookie and I had full time virtual assistants that were really vetted really strong, I started putting them into these roles to take over these content processes for me, and once I like got that system built, I was just like, this is amazing. I literally, like I record a podcast, I put it in my Dropbox, the audio files I write the headline is the only thing I write, ship it off, basically, to content allies. And then it appears on my website, like, that’s literally all I do everything after that happens. The same with the blog, I write the blog, I write what I want to go to my email list. With that, I write the status updates for LinkedIn, and Facebook, I put that all in one document, I ship it to the service. And then on the schedule, data all goes live. And I don’t even like most the time by the time what is publishing I like have forgotten that it’s even going live that day. Because I like wrote it two weeks before. Yeah. But that is like, what I’ve created for myself with this service is basically taking all those small pieces off of that, creating processes for people and streamlining that with like, virtual assistants to support on that. So we basically like create those systems. And we actually have the systems and everything to actually implement those systems for people to really free them up. So they create more, right, more, publish more and do more with their content.

Fantastic, brilliant. I think, you know, that’s so needed. Because which you can spend your so much time especially if you’re not a web designer, you’re not a web developer, you’re just like a finance person, and you want to be on the phone during sales, or you want to do this and that a marketing is is is a whole lot of work all the time. If you can free all that up. And like you say, just put that in a document and just send it off and it’d be done and you don’t have to worry about it.

I can see why there’s a bit of a running theme here that you save people a lot of time it seems

to be more productive, which is amazing.

Yeah, really, the purpose I have on our companies He’s like, is to create freedom for ourselves and our customers. Yeah, so it’s a huge running theme, with everything you put out there is like, how do we just give freedom to people? so

fantastic. But so I’m going to step back into the lead gen Fullington a little bit, you’ve got a guys on the website, haven’t you? Can you tell us what’s in there? And if that guys kind of go in and download it? What can they kind of take away from that? And is there like an action plans essentially do what you do themselves? Is that right?

Yeah, so on the lead Cookie, cookie. com website, there is a guide, there literally gives away 100% of our approaches, our scripts and our strategies. So like, I I held nothing back, that’s my goal was to make that the number one resource on the internet for LinkedIn. And to this date, I still say would be,

and it is it gives everything away. So if you go there, there’s a ton of stuff. And I, I even write some articles on my web personal website and everything about this stuff as well. But I give literally like, that tells you the exact process like this is what you should do. These are the scripts you should use. These are all the tactics like it’s straightforward exactly how to do everything.

Fantastic, brilliant. Well, that’s brilliant. I do I try and stick this to 25 minutes. And I’m just looking at my clock and we were on 25, I felt like we’ve covered loads of grounds is any other value bomb you want to leave us with before we sign off?

Yeah, I think the biggest thing I would say is just for anyone who’s in this space, it’s like the, the value proposition is everything. If your marketing isn’t working, if you’re not getting the results you want, it’s probably not due to the tactics is probably due to the fact that either your message is not resonating with people or you’re targeting the wrong people for your message. And that is just one of the biggest things took me years of marketing to really learn that and I’d be like think I was failing at something like on the tactical side. And really it all comes down to that value proposition is the foundation of everything and so if anyone just walks away and they take one piece of that that just be like know that if you’re not happy with your marketing it’s probably your proposition

and I couldn’t agree more that’s same same with my business spent don’t years I was doing like PPC SEO and it was all about the tactics on about the algorithms and all trying to inch out these little mini mini games. But soon as I looked at Nietzschean write down and branding essentially and the stuff that we were both in that you printer community and it’s all about people to people as soon as I put my face out there as well and all those things combined did more than any of the tactics put together so yeah absolutely could not agree more on that so fantastic so thanks for your time today where can I find if I want to follow you on LinkedIn I’ll share my just search your name but you on like Instagram Twitter or Facebook or

yeah the best to play our best places to look lead cookie calm is for LinkedIn lead generation content allies is for the new service more on content support and then my main hub where I actually write and publish all of my content my blog posts I put out those two articles weekly I have a daily blog and a podcast is at Jake dash Jorgen calm probably best to just try to Google that as it’s hard to spell and hopefully Google will autocratic that properly or check the show notes for this

will drop the links in visual brilliant. All right, thank you so much. And I will speak to you soon. And thank you everyone for listening. And yeah, Cheers, mate and speak to you see and then we haven’t that was Jake I learned a ton and like I said at the beginning I tried one of these concepts it worked really well for me so give it a go Don’t be spammy. But think about how you can ignite a conversation on LinkedIn and if you want to hear these interviews live join our Facebook group it’s be searched for lead generation for financial services you’ll find the group jump in there and you can also hear and see talking as which is our basically our weekly show where we discuss the social media ads that we’ve seen that week what we like what we don’t and I will see you next week. And if you’ve got two seconds Please adjust subscribe and if you wouldn’t mind leaving a review that would be amazing too. And I will see you next week.

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