005 – Louise Brogan – Using Social Media In Financial Services

005 - Louise Brogan - Using Social Media In Financial Services
005 - Louise Brogan - Using Social Media In Financial Services

Louise Brogan teaches people how to use social media to generate more business. We discuss Facebook, Instagram, Insta Stories and she evens comes up with a great strategy for mortgage brokers off the top of her head.

Louise’s website: https://socialbeeni.com

Hello and welcome to another edition of the lead generation for financial services, a podcast and I’ve got another cracking guest for you. This week we’re talking all things organic social media, so kind of non paid ads and how you can use a number of different platforms. we dive in quite a few different tangents here but Louise just brings so much value. There’s so much that I learned from this episode myself I’m dying to try we talk about all sorts of things like creating events we talk about using Instagram stories in fact, if you’re a mortgage broker there’s a concept there that Louise gives us an idea just off the top of her head which is amazing about using Instagram stories to start conversations which is what it’s all about. So without further ado here’s Louise and here’s my live interview that I did into our Facebook group Louise Bogan from social be can you rather me butchering what you do? Can you let

Everyone know what it is you do and kind of what we’re going to learn today? Yes, absolutely. So my business is social be and I am I live just I say, Belfast, Northern Ireland, but I have clients and customers from all over the world really. And so I help entrepreneurs figure out how to market themselves and their businesses online and through not just social media, I help people with blogging as well and have a podcast called the social being podcast. But I think my expertise really lies in all the different social media platforms

because I my background, Alex is that I actually did a master’s in computing and got jobs as a software engineer with bt and then came IT project manager and the health service some quite into my tech affecting things out and I really like that side of things, which I think a lot of people who work in social media maybe don’t necessarily have that background.

Well, yeah, yeah. And so for example, I’ve just completed a six week course with 10 people who wanted to figure out how to make their first online course which is nothing, nothing to do with social media and but I love getting into the nitty gritty of how to create webinars and how to build your email list and and how you create courses and videos and sales pages and all that stuff that gets kind of thing that gets me fired up so fantastic. And the RNA that we had a bit of software issues earlier on both sides that I’m a techie as well. I’m struggling to get out here.

That’s right. Okay. So I’m just gonna split screen. So if I accept. Okay, so we’re gonna touch then on briefly on all the social media platforms and who, therefore because in our group, we’ve got a mix of kind of got some b2b, some pizza, see that we’re all sort of financial services and I’m guessing we can cover who

Football essentially. So where’s where’s best to start? Which which platform should we will briefly cover? Okay, well we could look at before we start looking at the individual platforms. And I think really when you’re trying to market to people on social media

and be on more than two platforms, unless social media is your business, if you want to do them really well, you really need to focus dying and ideally on one platform, but if you want to do more than one, then I’ll go for two just to especially you’re starting I did you try and get really good at using Facebook and Instagram and LinkedIn and Twitter, it takes up far too much time to try and do those things and you probably won’t be learning how to do all of them really well. So it’s much better to really focus in and and build an audience on one platform for starting I’m saying that every platform is different and there are different reasons and different ways to connect with people on all of the different platforms.

Now. So it’s interesting you say like connecting with people, because I think a lot of people use social media just to like Chuck later stuff out, rather than connecting with. So I guess that’s another thing that we can talk about. And yeah, no, totally agree, like concentrating on those platforms. We had Andrew and Pete live on our business page yesterday, and they’ve got this, this 9010 rule where they’re like, 90% of your time should be doing one thing really well. So yeah, no, absolutely. And then that’s probably going to make things simpler as well. It’s a lot of people kind of think, Oh my god, there’s so many like, should I be on all of them?

And especially what I loved about Andrew and Peter, they gave

evidence of people that are making it and how they just did that. That one thing really well, so cool. Okay, so how do I then decide what’s what’s right for me? What platform should I be looking at? But really, I would start with a pen and paper I write down who it is that I’m actually trying to reach through social media. So if I’m trying to

Reach. And if I’m business to consumer, and I’m trying to reach people who are and we talked before we were recording, we talked about possibly being a mortgage advisor. And people come and G because they’re trying to move home and all that kind of thing. Those people are on Facebook. Okay. Now there are 2 billion people who access Facebook every single month. So when businesses say to me, my audience isn’t on Facebook, they are on Facebook, you just haven’t find a way to connect with them yet. Yeah, and if you are working b2b or you you’re trying to raise your profile in the professional world, or the corporate world, you should absolutely be looking at your LinkedIn profile and get active on LinkedIn. I think where I see a lot of mistakes, Alex is that people will create a Facebook page or Twitter or LinkedIn account, they might set it up really beautifully. And then they just post out stuff that doesn’t connect with anybody. Yeah. And then after a few weeks, or a couple of months to say, Well, that didn’t work that was really

Time and social media is rubbish. That’s no good for my business doesn’t work for my business. Yeah, I would work a lot with. And although I work online with entrepreneurs and I do local workshops and stuff for entrepreneurs, I also go into and corporates and SMEs and you always have somebody in the room that just says social media is just that nonsense that people are on their phones. It’s nothing to do with us. those businesses are really missing a trick in my opinion. Absolutely. Yeah, I couldn’t agree more with a couple of things like the mortgage customers are hundred percent on Facebook we’re generating leads every single day. So one of the biggest things that we do

and yeah, being on on LinkedIn as well. I’ve got I’ve been on there for ages. And you know that they’re kind of my my to, although we aren’t b2b. Essentially, we’ve got the Facebook group as well. Excellent. Okay. And so what about things like Instagram as well.

How do you kind of put that into your your picture?

So Instagram is growing rapidly, I’d say. And so one of the things that happened to me in 2018 advocate crowded Facebook and Instagram trainer through the UK is she means business program. Okay, there’s about a there’s 23 of us were invited along to London spend the day at Facebook and really to learn how to use Facebook and Instagram for it’s called, she means business because the idea is that they want to get out and three and 20,000 women entrepreneurs across the UK and I don’t know what the time frame for that was. Yeah. But the idea was that they bring us in train us on how to use the platforms to the best of our abilities. And then we would go back to wherever we lived and share that knowledge and training in our local area. So I’ve run a lot of she means business networking events across Northern Ireland,

the one of the things they said that day Instagram is growing 15 times faster. And then finally

That was at this stage of its business, right? So it is really, really growing. I think this year the social media platform to watch is Insta stories and I’m not sure if you guys are on there. Yeah I’ll give you an example of high end stories has really helped me in my business and when you are posting on Insta story so it’s a store it when you go to Instagram and stories as you click on the little camera icon at the top it opens up a different window and you can record yourself talking and like 15 second clips or upload posters or pictures or you can type text in there

they only hang around for 24 hours these these little videos or images whatever you do but if you then go and look at other peoples and the stories and send reply to their stories you’re actually going directly into their personal messaging box on Instagram and that is hi I have connected with people like so for you and me, Alex and

Any online business world really big names like john Lee Dumas and Kate Erickson of entrepreneurs on fire podcast. Yeah Natalie actors best chicks podcast and I have connected in real life with those people as a result of the connections that I’ve made through Instagram stories I think sometimes people forget about the social aspect of social media and you know your business grows one customer at a time at the end of the day and I’m not saying that if you if you need you know, 3000 people to buy your product every month you’re not going to set up 3000 individual conversations I understand that but when you connect with a person and they then talk to talk to other people about you you This is how we grow our networks online and really grew our business as a result but insists stories is a brilliant way to connect with people and I think it’s really going to grow this year. Yeah, no, absolutely. I couldn’t agree more.

Our best leads at the moment where like reading those, so it’s a different, slightly different approach. But similar is running Facebook ads into messenger to spark a conversation and we are using chat bots as well to automate that so we can scale it,

but yeah, I love the instance and damning three that’s how I got Andrew. mp on yesterday. So awesome. Okay, so how can we say that’s kind of us going into other people’s stories? What kind of things can you do to get your customer to then do that to you? So you’re putting out a story to try and get your customer to interact with you and start a chat yeah i think it’s it’s high I put all of my social media posts is and you see people will create really fabulous posts and was like the perfect image and a really interesting thing but they forget to ask you your opinion on it. You know, so and first

Because we have made this really quite easy for us because they have little things you can add us. If your Instagram story, you can ask a question and I don’t mean that you take out a question. There’s literally a little graphic that you pull onto your screen and it’s it’s set up that you can ask a question and people can reply to you and send you their message. That’s how you spark a conversation. Yeah, and you can have pools that people will respond to, and I think at the end of the day asking somebody what they think so if you are selling and so there’s been a better chat about Brexit going to, you know, the Brexit, what’s happening, who really knows minutes is going to really affect host prices. So if he posted an article on your Facebook page or your Instagram feed, or wherever, saying Have you seen this news piece and BBC News about his breath going to affect post places or not. What do you think with this put you are selling your host this year you expect the end of the day people are inherently selfish.

interest, it’s you. You’re asking them to give input into what you’re talking about that they can’t help themselves? Yeah. Oh, well, I haven’t opinion about that. I’d like to share that with you. And but if you just posted the news story and said, Rex, it’s going to affect most places people might like it at the most. But they’re not actually going to respond. Yeah, trying to pull something out of themselves, to get them to respond to what you’re doing. I love it. Absolutely love. And my, as you were talking, my mind was racing on different ideas of how we can use our chat bot to to do those as well as the stories as well. So

that’s incredible. Okay, so any other ways then? So I know we’re sort of flipping around between platforms and things like that. Well, I guess really, back then, we’ve sought kind of a space with the stories you need a bit of an audience first, and now you can sort of tag locations and hashtags and things like that. Is there an element then, of needing to build a bit of a knowledge

Audience first and then get that engagement or are you finding that you’re helping people do that straight away?

I think if you wait to build an audience before you make your your content interesting, it’s not really work for me. As

for me, I love it. Okay. So essentially, then it’s just kind of us sitting or expert expectations on what you’re going to get back bit smaller to begin with, and then say, Well, you know, there was a book written I can’t remember who wrote the book but you only 100 true fans.

Do you know the concept of that? Yeah, yeah, whose book it is, but essentially but you know, there’s this whole thing on Instagram but when you get 10,000 followers then you have the ability to to have this swipe up Yeah. ability which sends people directly to your website, because right now on Instagram, there’s only one link that you can have in your bio after your bio is where you say my name is.

broken, I help entrepreneurs with the online business, whatever, not a lot. And then there’s a link where you can get around that by using a website called the link tree and which I’m sure you can share with your audience. Yeah. And if once you have over 10,000 followers, you could I could put an Instagram story saying, you know, would you like to sign up for my online summit starts next week done Langa. You click below and you can swipe up it will take them straight to the signup page. So there’s this whole big rush to get to 10,000 followers and I have seen some people buying followers but I would much rather so at the minute on Instagram, I’m approaching the 1900 followers mark, but my audience are engaged, you know, if I go to 10,000 by buying followers or buying other kinds of merging them with mine, or all these other tips and tricks that people recommend, and you know, just people don’t actually care but what I do Yeah, exactly.

I would much rather posts on my Instagram account and get comments from the people and connect with those people and get around in connection with them than posts to crickets so there’s this very much I would rather have a smaller engaged audience than an enormous audience who never respond to anything I post a brilliant again loving this fantastic okay so then you’re then essentially your your strategy is the same whether you’ve got 10 people or 10,000 because that shouldn’t really matter and it should be about wedding is better off having 10 people that are going to interact than 10,000 that don’t so they shouldn’t be in this mindset of how do I get more followers then

when when we all we all obviously want more followers and more customers and more clients but you want that the suppose that’s that’s my different gripping so followers.

We would like customers and clients. So having the right followers on the engaged followers who become customers and clients is far more important to me. But somebody had said to me, you know a guy, I would run webinars. So my goal for 2019 is that to make myself do a webinar every month, you know, because it’s, it’s one of those things just kind of falls off your to do this. Yeah. And so if I have a webinar, so I do run a webinar Wednesday and say, 100 people have signed up to attend and maybe 30 people actually attended live Yeah, you might think, oh, that’s really rubbish widen, widen, the thousand people sign up. And then you’ve 300 could have attended live where as actually in real life. Alex, not on the internet if I booked a room Mbatha city center and said that I was doing a workshop for an hour on how to plan for 2019 and 30 people came along I will be jumping up and down

You know, so there’s this

kind of, if you take what your audience like, I have this 1800 and whatever, 70 people on Instagram who following me? I got that number of people in a room. Can you imagine?

Yeah. So, you know, it’s sometimes taking a step back from all of these big, flashy numbers all over the internet and thinking, Well, actually, in real life, that means they’re talking to me. It’s not amazing. Yeah, you can have that reach with people. That’s incredible perspective, isn’t it? Yeah, exactly. Fantastic. Whereas before,

it’s brilliant. It’s brilliant. OK, cool. So we talked earlier about sort of focusing a little bit on on Facebook Do you then when you get like a new client come to you have you got like a framework that you can kind of use for everyone or is there like specific that is everything custom again, if I’m wanting to do this myself there any kind of

steps that I can go through. Yes. So I mean definitely I talked about the four pillars of building your business online and for me it starts with so I’m the social media expert who tells you

that actually social medias only one of your four pillars

so you know you need to be creating content and I’m sure Andrew and he talked about this yet yesterday so one pillar is having a website with all your information and on it that you can keep your own content on that is the first pillar really important to I feel to have your website because if you somebody contacted me earlier this week and say Louise, do I really need to have a website can I not just build it on a Facebook page? I said no because Facebook then determine who sees what you’re posting on Facebook whereas if someone is looking for you you meet somebody new tell you give them your website address and they go to that website. Everything on there is is seen through the

lens of how you want people to see you. Yeah. So having a website is the first thing creating content is the second, whether that is doing video or blogging, or podcasting, whatever it is that you’re going to create content on that you consistently create it so you’re creating it once a week at least that’s what I would I tell my customers and clients to aim for is create something once a week and if they say but I haven’t got time to do that. But actually if you create say it’s going to be blogging, he created 700 word paste blog and then you can take snippets out of that to share across your social media accounts. You could maybe record yourself talking over it which could become an audio that you could our podcast you could then take their blog and make slay a slideshow on something like

zoom and five which is a free piece of software that makes a little video it takes all your best captions out of it and you can put it on YouTube.

By creating the content which it lives on your website you can then do so many things with that that they can use on the third pillar which is the social media and and you never run out of things to put in your social media so if you if you really amazing piece about mortgage advice for the for the newly married

I put it on your Facebook page where is it in three weeks time yeah yeah I mean it’s still there but nobody is going to go looking for it but if you wrote that article on your website and then create a social media posts for say for Facebook and Instagram and maybe you did a Pinterest pin on it that link back to it you’re continually getting people who are newly married whether it’s you know in January 2019 yeah you can reuse that and it really to reuse and September you can reuse it next year. You know she can use over and over so that’s the third pillar social media using social media to San people.

from social media to your website, which takes me down to the fourth thing that I tell people that they need, and we work on, which is building an email list. Okay, excellent. Um, so and then what? What kind of things are you doing to build your list? I mean, I’ve seen you’ve got some

can’t remember the details of it, but it was kind of how to use Facebook to help build your list. Is that kind of the things you’re doing? Like the PDFs or is there I guess you’ve got like events as well as any any advice for that?


anything you can get any way I can get an emerging

space with the email list as well. Again, you don’t want people that are not going to open it as well. So some advice on not just getting it but engaging with with those as well. Yes, absolutely. And I think actually, it’s quite interesting. So I would have people who come to local events and so if somebody and I have people who

are not local. so high I build my email list is and when I write a blog post, I usually try and have some kind of download that people can work through on their own that is attached to the bottom of the blog post. So if they want to get that PDF, they give me their email address and I send it out one of my most successful and list builders email list builders has been may have a 30 day social media challenge. And every single day people join my list through that. So it’s an automated sequence that I created. It’s 30 days long. Yeah, and every day people get short email just giving them an idea of something to post on it’s usually it’s really their Facebook page and that will get their audience to begin engaging with them. And I get I mean I’ve had I’ve been running at NIH for

I didn’t to 30 day

s lots with live groups going with them but night just right.

on its own and there’s no grip attached it and so I think I’ve been doing it since May 2017 yeah and I don’t promote it really in any particular way but I get to three people a day probably just finding and joining it whether that’s recommended to them or they find it maybe through pen chest yeah

that’s been a big list builder for me but the and then webinars as well that’s why I’m doing the webinars this year the focus of the webinars is to build my email list and but so what I meant to say was the people who signed up to do local workshops will get emails that are about my local events that people who’ve joined through social media challenge or through webinars will not get those unless they live locally and I use Convert Kit and Convert Kit will tag people for me that way. So and I did a workshop in Belfast it wasn’t a workshop was called healthy entrepreneurs evening about fasting and a couple of weeks ago.

I emailed out to people who lived within 25 miles Belfast like that. That’s not even across all of Northern Ireland, just within a certain geographical area, because it was a two hour event. Yeah. So don’t think people are going to travel 90 miles to our show. Pretty Can we talk? I know we didn’t talk about this earlier, I’m probably springing it on you, but it sounds like you’re doing a lot of events as well, something that I’ve never done.

Did you wait until you have back on a list already? Are we doing events from day one, and I’m also thinking like, the mortgage guys as well, a lot of them go into companies and they’ll do like, they’ll do a talk on the benefits of remortgaging and things like that as well. So where where did you start with with that those kind of actual real life events when my business first started and and so I think

start this business in 2013 and went full time with it two years later. So I stayed my job for the first two years did it part time. And I went along to my local council networking events, and I pitched myself speak. And so that’s where I got my first ever speaking events from. And I realized that that’s a brilliant way of growing your own visibility locally. Yeah. And and I would get invited. Nice. So on Tuesday coming I’m going to be speaking to the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors about how to use LinkedIn and for surveyors, and that has come about through so it’s fed at it because I can see the value in speaking at these events. And I have probably put more of a focus on it since really probably the middle of last year. So my virtual assistant actually got me this speaking event at the Chartered Surveyors.

Yeah, having someone who can pitch as you age for for things, but I did a mastermind last spring and I think you had let’s see, actually Yes, that’s right. Yeah. on your show last week. Yes. So let’s see. And I met through that mastermind, right. And this is why I love masterminds so much in my mastermind. There were a couple of women who were starting to do their own events, their own networking events are getting a lot of local visibility and a lot of business as a result. And so I thought, actually something I really like to do myself and going back to the she means business rule, Facebook and Instagram wanted me to host a meeting up in Belfast for them. And I thought, right, well, I’m King to do this. So I said, I’ll do a monthly one in Belfast and then last summer after to go through the mastermind process. I thought I would take it on the road. I i did i around nine or 10, I think across all of Northern Ireland.

And it was it was brilliant because it really raise my profile and but it also meant that I was talking to pixel, there’s two things there’s one thing is missing your profile as the expert in your field. The other thing is being face to face with your ideal customer and client and hearing the issues and concerns and questions that they have versus what you think they’re thinking about and which then flows into your content creation. Yeah, so if I’m hearing the same questions over and over again at these networking events, I know this is something I can help people with or something that people are looking for. And so there’s there’s two to be a huge benefits there and but that she means business networking events that I ran, I really enjoy I enjoyed them so much that I thought, well, actually, I like to run them under my own bat. Yeah, so I know I have another goal for this year is to run a one day workshop of my own every month

on shoes.

Our next Wednesday I’m doing my Facebook and Instagram work full day workshop which I ran last November,

November, I had eight or nine people bought tickets. Yeah, this coming week I’ve got 12 people have bought tickets. And I’ve had people asking me when’s the next one thing another one in March and then I’m running a one morning workshop on LinkedIn in February so the idea is to set these regularly up and let people know that they’re coming up as well so and and there you know

charging a good price for them as well. Yeah,

well it’s yes a really nice turning turning the networking events into because then you say well, I’ve got workshops coming up and again it’s that the local email list as well if I target fantastic Well, I feel like we’ve covered like so much ground I apologize pulling you one way to another some of it for selfish reasons, because I’m thinking I want to do some events and

Things like that. So. So I feels like there’s so much more that you’ve got to give. And we’ve, we’ve probably covered the tip of the iceberg. But great news for everyone in our group is that you’ve got the podcast, but you’ve also got this online kind of conference coming up where you got some amazing speakers. Can you tell us a little bit about the event first and the podcast as well? If you could? Yes. So and raising your visibility online? Is that that near my summit? I ran one last May was one of those things. Aleksandra, have you ever do this? I have seen them online. I thought I’d love to do that. Yeah, I’m gonna, I’m gonna do that. And you kind of say you’re going to do it. So then you’ve no choice but to do it. Yes. So this is you know, like I said, I’m going to do one day conference this year. Yeah.

So I reached out to people who So the focus is on it starts the 20th of January and runs for three days. It’s a very

are an online summit. So basically, when you sign up, you can just sit and watch these amazing world class speakers from your own home or your office or on your phone or wherever you want to watch them. And so each day I have so there’s 12 speakers, and I’ve decided I’m going to do your class each day as well. They’re pre recorded. So which takes a lot of stress at it for me, because I I participated online someone’s life and you’re going to go on and that’s a whole different kettle of fish. And you need a team around you for that, I think. Yeah, but I have all my speakers have sent me through their training. So it’s everybody has 30 minutes and they all know it’s about raising your visibility. That’s the topic of the summit. Yeah. And so each day there’s going to be four or five classes that are released. So you sign up and you you I will send you the link on the Monday morning and that day you will see that you have got speakers

123 and four and you watch them in your own time That day you have access to them for 24 hours so for somebody who says I haven’t got time to watch four or five classes and one day you pick the one that resonates with you the most and there’s a pop up Facebook group that’s going to go with that so okay which actually is a really nice add on because people then start to network with each other inside in the same way you do get a real life summit yeah so you never know what contact yummy done there and but this year I mean the speakers I’ve got this year I’m so delighted I was impressed

some heavy hitters in there

yeah so and kit Erickson is doing a class on how to get started with podcasting and and let’s see who was on your show and a piece of bite and your brand story and knowing who you are how impact on this day one about how she set up her own live event.

mean really what I do is I pick people who I connect with and who I want to learn from to yes it’s kind of a win win for me

I really fabric and it’s it’s it’s an international summit because I’ve got kit lesson Puerto Rico and how Fox of speaking your brand is in Florida I don’t know if you know her she’s got the speaking your brand podcast okay if you want to do your own speaking gigs you don’t need to look any further than essence Carol because she is her podcast is amazing so many valuable tips from her and so it’s Carl Cox Jessica Lorimer is doing and a whole class on sale

at Jessica was up the printer summit to try for those of us who know you’ve been there and on stage and he has forgot and how to Martin talented lady stuff is doing a piece all about understanding your value and your pricing and I have got other coaches who are talking about mindset.

coaches who are talking about and more lots more stuff about your branding and your visibility and you’re speaking gigs and lovely Australia ladies and Chadwick This is the piece about and how she runs her own events as well i’m sure I’ve forgotten you got the webinars is Martin is it doing some yes

digital yeah that’s right yeah mine is my solo man

another man and asked him what he did it but he

he turned me diagnose the first time I did was turn the summit Wow. Okay well we weren’t we weren’t nine drop you can tell me when we go when we

are offline. I’m going to ask

Alex you know we have met each other before that. I’d be asking you to come on to two kinds. you

given any value because it’s been all year which is amazing. Okay, brilliant. And then finally, you’ve got the podcaster start. So we can

Hey you on a weekly basis is that is it weekly? Sorry it is. Yes it comes out every Monday and and actually so Catherine Gladwell and and how impact podcast episodes uploaded to next week because they’re both in my summit that come out monday wednesday next week but yeah it’s called the social be podcast and I interview and I started interviewing women who were had left corporate start their own business and that really moved more towards i do i do quite a few sort of episodes I and I have had some on our coaching calls not many and but it’s about helping my audience get more out of understanding how to grow their business online. So whereas we still talk a lot of my guests are people who have left corporate Yeah, I started their own business and that’s a lot of people that I would work with as well and but that’s not the sole focus really of the podcast anymore. It’s more about the whole raise your visibility and online marketing space as well.

Brilliant. Fantastic. Excellent. Right? So we’re going to drop all the links in for everyone.

Thank you so much for your time.

Brilliant. Okay, cool. Thank you again. And then we’re going to go off line now. And then we will see you soon. I’m sure we’re going to be having you back on. I’m sure people are going to be asking us to delve into a bit more detail on some of those things. So thanks so much, Alex. I enjoyed it. So there we have it, I’m sure you will agree that that was just full of absolute loads of takeaways, value bombs, as I like to call them. So my apologies for veering her in so many different places. I think she’s definitely one of those guests that we want to get back on and talk in more detail feels like just the tip of the iceberg. All the links for everything we’ve discussed will be in the show notes and I will see you next week. And just a reminder, if you do want to see these interviews live, join our Facebook group lead generation for financial services, and you can also see talking ads in there as well. So I will see you next week. Please, please, please, if you do

You like this podcast? Just subscribe on iTunes. leave us a review if you can, and I will see you next time.

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