003 – John Sinclair – Networking

003 - John Sinclair - Networking
003 - John Sinclair - Networking

John Sinclair from Loman Miller joined Alex for a live interview on some of the strategies we can use offline when networking and building relationships. John is a long-standing member of the BNI and gives an insight into the techniques he’s adapted to generate more business.

John’s website: http://www.lomanmiller.com

Hello, welcome to Episode Three of lead generation for financial services. A podcast this week I’m chatting about offline stuff. So I’m obviously an online computer geek. And I do digital lead generation. And one is get someone in that’s talking about networking with people in person. So john took me along to a big networking event, which I found very interesting. I really appreciate the business that was going on. It wasn’t for us, and I explain why it’s not for our business. But I think it’d be great for any financial services business because it’s all about relationship building, the referrals, he talks about, interesting that it’s not about the people in the room. It’s about the connections that the people in the room are connected to. That makes sense, but it’s best to get john to explain and here we go. Here’s the interview I had with john Sinclair from lemon Miller. Right. Okay, so let’s get

into some serious stuff and say listen I don’t do face to face networking I and then so I want to talk about the and I wish you remember of yeah let’s talk about going to networking Do you do any others and then I network but don’t necessarily network it I will go along to other other other meetings and events just to be fair if you might might might perception is if you’re going to do it and networking actually trying to do them all that kind of almost dilutes the part yeah it’s actually having one focus and then we’ll go more into yeah why I do what I do later but

it’s that gives me plenty to go out anyway yeah

so it’s you know I would but you can also quite quickly when you go into networking world, which we’ll talk about is how many people can become network because give themselves the false presenters that are actually doing business? Yes. Okay. Yeah. So the so I guess we’ll just roll it back. Yeah, your primary objective

Yeah, of networking is to build long term relationships rather than I’ve met a guy that maybe have do business with there. And then on the first Yeah, I mean, what were the popular misconceptions with with network and he’s going to get business and everybody always sees that. So what happens is when they go into the room, they automatically assume that everyone in the room is actually there to do business with them. Yeah, so So therefore, what happens is you gotta yay God is up your your there and thinking, Well, everybody in this room is there to sell to me. Yeah, the irony is, it’s the reverse of that. Yeah, the artists it’s not who’s in the room, it’s important as who they know, outside of the wider circle of the room. That’s important. And sometimes some networking groups get that wrong and sometimes they get it right. And sometimes they get a mix of both Yeah, you know, so if I tell you about my journey, yeah, no networking. So originally I was first invited into a networking group about 20 years ago, right. And it was one day I was selling office equipment in Edinburgh.

I did a picture to lady and she find me up after he said look he said

I know obviously you’re you’re the sales guy in the local area for office equipment but I’d like to invite him along to a breakfast evening and I said okay that’s fine and this was no group no organization there’s no military involved or she done was got four or five key people and she just regularly past information to so and that was for me the very early days in a networking event and it works quite well from my from for me in my area and roll on in several businesses later and here I am now I am when I had set up with live and Miller one of the concepts about the industry I’m in and where ideal it’s heavily on building real life. Yeah, because I’m in a high trust position with the clients. It takes a while to get the business to text from the beginning from say, if you say a cold call all the way through to them signing a part of China it probably takes between 12 and 18 months.

To bring them yeah. Okay. So. So with that is always the challenge of like saying how can I fast track that ethically without do anything that you oversell and to provide whatever it is. And so one of the key things is I took a look at the business development function of the modern world. And whereas traditionally when you did a pitch, and most most of the meeting was all about the pitch in recent years, it’s all gone back to 60, 70%

of that meeting should be about developing the relationship. Yeah, great. And so what led them that That to me was then said, right, networking groups pulling a good opportunity

when out there, but the same preconceptions that probably everybody does, they go out there and think, well, I go in this group I’m going to get business Yeah, go in there. And this this kind of hunting mentality yeah and so what happened is is I then joined be an eye Yeah, now be an eye some people like it some people people know that one of the key things about that I found I like to be in it for me was it made me accountable.

Yeah so it may be be a business person so when I was in that room for 90 minutes I was there it was amazing it was obviously a meeting a pitch or whatever it was so

fast forward I’ve been in there now three years coming up for my fourth year fast forward on and actually that that gave a structure and training and everything towards it that’s something that not all networking agencies do yeah invite in situations do but the thing would be in our office there’s a training structure there’s a there’s a there’s a set of we call them traffic lights in the industry and you hear a lot in in be annoyed with traffic lights of how we engage and a lot of people live their network in life if you if you will on based on a look at these like I could do this and that so there’s a little bit of competition there the other side The main thing is it’s a set of key performance indicators help you

do what you’re doing and the whole concept of what a lot of people miss misinterpret with the accountability side. Yeah.

They go I don’t want access to fix this to this and but for me I liked yeah it’s a bit like mama it’s not yeah you know so well so I thought I was gonna I thought I thought I was gonna hate it because you I john has been on your on talking as before yeah and then

I would like a failure wasn’t it he said come with Come with me and I guess and then I’ll be able to look at all

yeah so we did that and I I thought I was going to hate it I thought it was gonna be

because people because people because this all this happened but it sounds worse and it is it was like your they’ll they’ll pick out random people and say I’m Dave what the john say he was looking or you know

school that was actually really good the way it was I I think the BMI structure so this is the one I went to I thought was really good I reckon that

structure is

kind of easy to make bad. So I guess they’re not all the same. Yeah, I mean, the, one of the key things what, what be and I get right is, is they spend a lot of time, a lot of effort developing the, the format of the meeting, you know, it is a formal meeting and not everybody likes that. And nobody feels that that’s acceptable to them. But what it does do is is, you know, there’s a structure to it, you can tell a visitor and say, Don’t worry, you can come along, you know, be away by 30. Yeah, yeah.

Now, you know, as well as I do, if you’ve got any history, talk to anybody about some some networking event starts at six in the evening, 10 o’clock at night. Yeah,

some of murder bit better, you know, and they all mix what they do, but what happens within the group is the culture of the group is different. So I could visit with you to several different bi chapters in the air. Yeah, and they’ll all have a different culture people. So yeah, so and as has been going for quite a long time. We’ve got 44 members now.

So we got strong in the region we’re quite a strong chapter and but one of the biggest challenges that people find with networking as a whole it is actually that it’s that hunting and father mentality so sometimes a lot of people join and networking group but this is not being I this is any network and they have preconceived ideas no different you probably experienced quite before that come to you may want to spend quite a bit with you on that yeah and after three months ago this isn’t working because they’re probably come to it with the wrong idea in mind and the other side so what they do is they come in to get business in three months and it doesn’t happen and they walk away well generally MBA and I it takes time because it’s around my building relationships so it’s that kind of processes as I’m not going to give you my best customer till I trust you. Yeah so what job you need to do last unit as well as already building relationships. Sometimes trying to do that online is quite difficult straightaway you know that your work is

You’ve got to, you’ve got to engage them and capture them. But then at the same time you think that fulfill, what is he going to do with you? Absolutely. So, so being is very much. There’s a code of ethics as a kind of guidelines that are there for reasons. Yeah, so when Ivan Meisner, the founder developed it, he developed the system over time. But every time if you read his book, it goes through. It was it was funny, because he goes through the whole process of

basically working out every time that became a problem. It says, What is the problem? Here’s what what do we need to do that?

And so unfortunately, some people just don’t like it. But it’s not for everybody. So we’re not asking so absolutely. So. So with networking in general, I went along to and I approached it with this in mind, and I visited a few but for me, I don’t like really, yeah, I like them right to the point. So yeah, my character suits the fact that I’m going in there. And actually, if I don’t do something like that we held accountable for one of the best things is when you get a referral, because there are referral based networking groups and there are networking groups that just just

try and do businesses. Yep. so forth. So because I don’t know the structures really, really wants to know how they work.

But the one of the beauties around a referral, there’s a lot, a lot of effort goes into the quality of the fall. So how it’s, it’s like, you know, so I could say to you, right, Alex, I just, you know, I’ve known you have worked with, you know, worked with you for a while and various bits and bobs, if I give you a referral, why I do it probably different fly somewhere else. So there’s all different so there’s a way of grading and call it sometimes that gets a bit so. So.

But what I love the most about the networking, the eyes, the eyes, yes. Is it gave me It helps me personally. My personal Yeah, massively so where whereas I’m a personable person hopefully. But um, but yeah, but generally generally that that the whole point was that I didn’t know how to channel it, didn’t know how to sort of, I’m quite happy to sit and have a beer with somebody. Yeah, not knowing how to channel it. So over time, I learned how to provide this now. Great, great success.

Story of where this one right was recently because of my experience and my connection with with with the group with me and I mean to keep saying being Mr. Stan but when the connection with it was enabled me to have a talk with someone in the

in the kid o’clock yeah yeah just have a chat and engage that conversation straightaway said we should get together and have a one to one let’s see how we can help each other in their business on mention something for their business they then said to me it’s very interesting that you’ve said that we’d like you to be a strategic partner with a company called the company so so I thought okay so what does that mean so within three weeks they’ve given me a referral into a private equity firm which are now building relationship with which potentially can give me business yeah so the irony is it wasn’t actually from the room yeah the training experience like golf yeah from from the room so so and sometimes it can go home


it’s just the way the world and people’s expectation but for the main if you were going to network and I’ll say to the fans today’s is networking is take a bit of time Have a look at more sushi fits your character what you feel comfortable with and then with that go from there and then say what have visit around a few you know you know and generally they’re all about the same sort of prices you know there’s a look at the cost of 12 quid for breakfast

some early in the mornings some a mid mornings you pick me up at six

earlier so I mean our ones are six in the morning awesome lunchtime ones and the awesome evening months for me because I’ve got a family evenings and no I just I prefer to do anymore yeah so that’s that’s why it’s it’s me plus some of my clients are in London so finishing a 30 minutes I can build a tribe called personalized yeah so so that helps us

Getting that’s my personal choice you know the ones I found when I when I visited them I try them in the first place in the mornings and evenings it tends to wipe out your day because you either if you waited for lunch time we tend not to do anything in the morning is search to you go to lunch time lunchtime can going to early afternoon and then forced so for me productivity I found this way and that’s probably why I looked at being because it was a format a structured format that you do it so now when I visit on a Wednesday and I know I’m Wednesday’s my business development day now. So what I’ve done is so I’ll do the meeting, I’ll have a one to one with it with a member and then I’ll go on through my day. And that’s where I’m finding and look because it’s because I look at it with if I’m doing the DNI which is potentially business development. Yeah, I will then go the whole day, so I’ll use that as my whole day for doing what I need to do. So one thing I really liked about it, some people might not know is that you get an opportunity in d&i to say I am looking forward.

Man, you can be quite broad. Got you. So if you’re like a mortgage broker, you say, I’m looking for people are looking for landlords, does anyone know a landlord? Or you can say I’m looking for the owner of the local shop around the corner. And I don’t know his name, but so is anything we’ve got going. So you can literally if you’re looking for specific people, or just like abroad, or do you know, I’m looking for people that are moving home or January people that I want better deal on their mortgage. Yeah. And then people will then bring them and there’s like, you have it on card status. If you ask someone specific, they can give you like the name and email address of whatever Absolutely. And then that was kind of one day they did the referral thing but I didn’t realize that you every week you get opportunity. I’m looking for someone. I mean, I did. I did a little exercise a while ago I was trying to get into a client still trying to get into them. But the early process now one day I was I when I first started I used to spend hours and hours over my 60 seconds and then as I got better

The irony is, but during the 60 seconds different, you actually get better at knowing and explaining your business. But yeah, so it helps. So one of the things I did was all my I just stood up and said,

my specific ask, it’s always better if your specific. So if you know the company and the name of the person that’s far better than just kind of guy I want to talk to the wider area. Yes. Because it gives you more easy to focus. Yeah. So so and so one of the great things about it was that I stood up and I went, Wow, let’s get into this got how we’re going to solve problem getting into so I asked the group Yeah, just send them all let’s send them a letter. Okay. So I basically said to them a sense of right everybody I say could you send

my ask this week is I could ask you to send a letter or to just communicate with with this guy or this company and

just tell them about what your thoughts are on me. Yeah, whether it’s good or bad. That wasn’t the point is actually that the point was so 60, 67%

the room

Did it well, okay. But the exercise I was running was an exercise in marketing, obviously. Yeah. But what it gave them was the opportunity to promote their business to that business, right. We already was. They weren’t selling to them, because they were selling me to him. Yeah. Okay. So it was almost like a very soft sell. And so, but I did get communication from my guy picks up the phone. Yeah. He said, Oh, you’re the guy that everyone’s sent all this stuff. I mean, our bond by the printer, Marcus, you said Mark Shukla. Time Jason was a courier company. He’s a box with a full biscuits,

biscuits. So everybody got quite creative. Very good phone. So sometimes networking can go a little bit further than Yeah, and I guess you you can’t just roll into that week one that you’ve you’ve been there like three years? Yeah, I mean,

I mean, my first three markets always quit. No, I didn’t get it. I didn’t understand. I didn’t understand the process. But because I’m a person that doesn’t give an easier

Things time. Yeah. And the irony is, it does take time. No difference to growing a business and growing to doing anything. It takes time. And you’ve got to build on it. So yeah. expectations. If you’re going to join a networking group, and you want to get business from it, yeah, take a look at it and say why

I’m paying X amount of pounds. If I don’t get any business for the first 12 months,

finding any business for the first 12 months? I will,

that’s fine. Yeah, but kind of have that expectation. But if you get an obviously some industries, you know, if you sold

I say you sold business cards. Yeah, you’ll probably get business quite quick. Yes, business cards or small purchase it’s very easy to get business but if you’re a company that sells out five grand a month retainer, yeah, it’s going to take a little bit longer to sort of repeat absolutely so so it’s always a case of look at what your industry is more production to see where how that is realistic scenario and then

It’s interesting as well as with all of it I guess because I’m thinking we can get I could get a client is doing remortgaging and I think getting leads tomorrow Yes.

And then they could probably do that networking but

it’ll be stronger than the difference between a lead of saying we only just met and I referred to you but now I’ve known you for years and that referral now yeah there’s a much bigger Wait is that there is there is a lot more white there’s a lot of emphasis and effort put around the credibility Yes, you are in the room is important. Yeah. And then so one of the things about credibility is still there and you say what you what you do yeah, then that becomes apparent and they start to trust you Yeah. Now what happens is eventually because of the way been I works, you end up become what we call a gatekeeper almost like your people that you know, start to talk to you because, you know, a bank of people. Yeah, that can get stuff done. Yeah. So, and because they’re reliable.

was the or even on the on the negative situation where something goes wrong, but they fix it, which is always the case not necessarily that goes wrong that they fix the problem, you know, because they’re on the back of the ethical side of that they do it. Yes. Yeah. And so that’s where it where it becomes hugely important. So so you get your access to the wider network. Yeah. And people promote you that way. Absolutely. So a couple of another one thing I want to get out about the and I and then I want to talk about your sort of do that the biggest kind of fake things that things are done? Yeah, yeah. Yeah.

and easy way to come up with. Yeah.

So the one thing

one thing

I forgot. So let’s do this do the the do’s and don’ts, right? Hopefully, my brain, your body. Okay. Yeah. Yeah. So,

so do’s and don’ts, my do’s and don’ts and based on my experiences, and not really necessary, but if I’m just going to start a new networking group tomorrow, yeah. And I sat down and say, right, I’d look at my business look at what I wanted to do.

ducks in a row because if you go into a reputable networking business networking group that wants to know that you are kind of there you’re promoting you know you know a website you’ve got got telephone number you got business cards yeah so biggest do go there with a business card they are expecting to pass cars around what’s the biggest do so for the five days five days yeah so one day business cards without a doubt yeah number to go there with an expectation

that you’re not going to get business yes yeah it’s not you know, they’re not there to get business Yeah. However, number three I’d say go in there with someone you need to connect or you’d like to connect with okay so and that way when you then stand up and someone says that if you imagine you stood up the day UK with a specific you know, and then someone came over to you and I can get you an introduction. Yes, they introduced you how much credibility yes to that group? No, I’m saying so. So that’s the key thing.

And where are my three or 4333? Number Four and always dress professionally for your industry. So I don’t mean if you’re a plumber that you turn up in a suit and tie. Yeah, if you promise by all means tournament, make sure it’s a clean shirt. Yes. You know you ready for work, but you probably the first day of work yeah yeah so just trust tidy and accordingly to your your, your situation and the fifth one and I’d say this is kind of a bit combined is

don’t give your business cards out first. Yeah always ask other people’s business cards okay because what are the key things you see them and when someone times

when they first

like okay

yeah it’s it’s, it’s like going into a bar walking up to the beautiful woman and saying, Well, you know,

so so. So I would say you know, don’t ask for this class first, but engaging conversations Yeah.

add one more thing to that is learn to identify when people were conversation. Yeah,

I find that awkward. I mean, I feel I am a computer geek 30 socially in ends as it is. But yeah. How do you say this? Like three people chatting. Yeah. And then. Yeah. People hovering in, I want to just leave them or. Well, this is where the training comes in. Because it learns you and teach you how to, to look. Work the room effect. Yes. So when you work in walk into an environment but if you do it on your own, you’re standing there and you’re like, yeah, and every strength. So. So what you’ll do is you’ll set how we are now. Yeah, we would class this in being open to because we are talking to each other. Yeah, we’re open to the light. Yeah, if we were like this

close, we’re more likely to be talking specific business that we don’t really well.

And then obviously it’s the same with threes and fours. So so that’s the kind of thing so if someone’s open

Naturally it’s easy for you to walk with Jesus Christ so rather not see hover on the side would you actually walk around and approach them someone was here and it would you come in

to approach from that way and for me I would look at it as to say that when you when you do the approaches that high new me just kind of be light hearted about it and just just generalize that

stuff and then just starts conversation as general a lot of network as well as other batch yeah so just read the naming breed username it’s it’s the basic personal skills that we all know

and just those things so yeah so yeah so don’t don’t see so don’t see the biggie and can I get my Don’t you have one so when I when I did a bit of networking and it was a massive put off when I remember speaking to a couple and then I you know start to you know, tell me about your business and that’s all they did. And they didn’t ask me one question about me at all. And I

amended for the wrong reason but like I just as a matter of females I I presume that’s just like one yeah I mean it’s there is a whole thing there’s a whole key training about you know you know you’ve got two ears and one mouth and use them in proportion yeah and I think that’s so true with with networking is personable you want them to remember me for the right reasons yeah and and it’s a good donor it’s it’s it’s a very good thanks very much so yeah and I know not to do yeah yeah and the other time is as well

Don’t be fearful of your competition they might be in the room I mean I know be an eye has a lockout course yeah and there’s a reason for it but then because obviously passing business if you genuinely passing business then how can you do it yeah absolutely challenges however some some organize some networking groups have as many as people as they want and don’t be fearful of it actually embrace it use it as an opportunity as an advantage you know talk to them get to know the end of the day is listen

No problem you find a little bit capacitor now. Yeah, absolutely get to know that and so and another don’t do two more probably dates another day I’d say is

be open minded to the networking group you know there is cost involved in some more than others. Yeah but look at the value of what that gives you is if you look at it from a perspective of the average deal size for you, and you look at the pricing and that seems pretty expensive anything or if you got one deal in a year would that be worth your while? Yeah, yes. Now some businesses it might be more so yeah. Might be less so so so that’s what I would say and then probably one final date is don’t be like

it’s it’s it’s the biggest credibility killer on the planet that actually with that, I remember leaving in the story years ago, he was a mortgage broker in the US Yeah, and his son was part of the business and this this guy came along to talk business and

turned up at 10 o’clock and he’s done that they wasn’t or traditionally late but he just he was just in a slack with his time that day and one minute past 10 the guy walked out the door and said when he’s got time telling to rearrange yeah and to that day from that day onwards his dad was never late for that guys so it’s almost establishes credibility straightaway that you there on time ready to to do things so there might be awesome and I’ve remembered that thing so what I found

sort of gray and a bit kind of like was there what’s going on here and some people have like a tagline for their business yeah and then people were like the guy next door he said his title I’m going to what it was and then the whole room repeated yeah yeah and then it was like so that must be ingrained in the yeah

when you first join and be an eye yes specific yeah so when when you first joined being one of the things that they do they have

You break down to 60 seconds to your lowest common denominator. Yeah. So you really have to think about your business and what it is. You’ve only got 60 seconds trying to tell, you know, if I sent to you explain your business and 60 seconds, there’s so much you do. Yeah. So then you break it down. Just talk specific. Yeah. So,

so what they do is they show you to do that. And they always call it what they call a memory hook. So the memory hook is the idea for the person that they remember what you do is lie. Yeah, and the guy one of our members, Paul, who’s surface medic, then the franchise equals if any problem big or small medical, Paul. So the irony is, is he’s just got a nice memory of jobs, you memory if you’re in with someone in that specific work on stuff. That’s why why they do it. Yeah,

it was great. Yeah.

And then are they I think one of the guys who aren’t on those taglines. He did like wills and trusts, things like that there was an IFA, I think there’s mortgage brokers and things. That’s a lot of

financial services.

Coming out there there there are no no one of them especially has been in it for a long time. Yeah and one of them’s a chairman Actually yes president yeah so there’s definitely business we done in all sorts of financial services I would say and then does it matter if you’re a sole traders there are other sort of big

for being either you get a mix of everything you some networking groups tend to get a lot of sole traders and but you do get a mix of some but I think for the main is

with with the IFA on the fly in the financial services side of things because their businesses relationship based. Yeah, you know, exactly. You know, you can do all the wonders in the world to get them but they’ve still got to meet them and still gotta do I trust that person. Who their money. Yeah, yeah.

And so. So with that in mind, I think Thornton’s 18 years 18 years and I think when he talks to you when you first meet him on his one to one he tells you

His office yeah and his office does enough to cover the cost of the office yeah but pretty much 80% of his business over history and historic clients has come through being on yeah so so actually for him it’s a model and there’s another guy that he runs a business coach in franchise yeah that business coaching franchise is so so ingrained and understands the value of networking is actually got a page on its website that actually shows you how to join be an eye and how to be successful so so actually you know is the irony is I phase insurance brokers yet networking? Yeah, yeah. Now to get that so when but but no, is there’s lots of different facets and areas that you can do benefit from. So absolutely awesome. Anything else you think we need to we haven’t uncovered about networking. I knows that you can. I know one thing, which is what I talked about earlier on before was how I use LinkedIn to network. That’s right. Yes, yes, yes, I say

Like combining the digital with the face to face. Yeah. So we we did that talk to me and yes, yes. You told us through using LinkedIn alongside your Yes. So for me is is obviously where traditional marketing and especially small business development is is what I realized was that nowadays if I try and friend you on Facebook and I don’t know you yeah you kind of get Who’s that person stranger weird yeah but the happy to connect on LinkedIn yeah it’s a professional network so so so the idea of what I looked at me said right for me I don’t need lots of inquiries or referrals. So what I can do is I do my research online and find companies and people I want to talk to that effect a connection and start communication messaging with them, talking with them, looking at their posts, looking at every day, and then I always then try and bring it on, and in my opinion, the best social media thing on the planet. It’s a cup of coffee.

So for me, it’s that one to one.

Have a one to one with someone. Yeah. And then you can establish whether you can help them and going in there with that helping mentality. Not what business can I get from them? How can I get from? Absolutely. And it’s the Tribune, arthritis givers gain, so so I said all right awesome thank you right so where can i buy online but

yeah so obviously Connect me on LinkedIn it’s john s on LinkedIn and look for local Miller associates and you’ll find me all over the place okay cool and and if anybody wants to come along and email me and john at Loma miller.com which for be an either quite welcome to come along yeah you’re not going to be forced to join it’s go along as another thing Yeah, just another thing that I that I genuinely thought was how they handled because they did I got taken to a room

that we did the the people that would guess we went second and we had to sit down and there was absolutely no pressure was no water

Goodness that’s all in that and it wasn’t even a picture was just got How do you find it guys something maybe you’re thinking about no pressure selling at all there’s no don’t feel awkward about being a guess and trying it because they’re especially the one you too yeah there was it wasn’t like that no no it’s so true is is most of the people that get that visit actually term and sites not why expected yeah so that they they do that they just one person several people have actually said actually it’s quite odd that when you walk into the room everyone in that room wants to give someone in the room business they don’t know who yeah have a genuine interest in giving them business so and so having that the back of it was was the great thing so yeah there is a catch 12 quid yeah

exactly yeah i mean but the you get nice there’s we had like bacon wrong like coffee was good obviously about pay for the rain got 44 people I think 12 good just to go along this is yeah and like I say it’s an opportunity to visit it’s not a lot

communities to joy. Yes. Yes. So it’s, you know, if you want to join them, we can take it a step further. But from that point, it’s not necessarily that, that that case. So thank you so much make. So what was the web address is ww.com.com and then LinkedIn is the best place to LinkedIn. Got me on LinkedIn.

So yes, that’s really good. Fantastic. All right. Thank you so much. Make your time did you quit within a name for the expert interviews?

Give me five minutes. You mean? Yeah. Yeah. So we were using these in a podcast as well. And I like that for Financial Services is ffs yeah which is obviously Yeah, the

lobby interviews ever mess. Yeah, they

call it the professionals and that did the pawn off the old 70s nice like it will get a little poll.

Thank you. Good night, and I will definitely have you back soon. We’ll talk about the other

Obviously you do sales marketing strategy. There’s lots more I think you can talk to us about other than the network. Now, if anyone in the group wants to talk, sales marketing strategy about their business as well. definitely get in touch with Jordan. Yeah.

All right. Cheers. Bye. Bye. Cheers. Bye. Okay, so there we have a thanks to john just coming on and bringing so much value. I learned a lot from that. Like I said, I do do the, the kind of in networking stuff. I go to conferences a lot. So that that thing about where people are chatting in groups or that kind of open and closed kind of group is a really interesting so I’m going to be going to a lot of conferences this year. So I’ve learned something from that. And I hope you have to. So if you want to see those interviews live, we go live in our Facebook group. So if you go onto Facebook, look for our group. It’s called lead generation for financial services, and you can watch them live there. And also our show talking ads, which is all about advertising. If you got two seconds I’d really appreciate if you could subscribe.

And leave us an honest review. Just let us know what you think of the show just helps us bring in more viewers and means I can put more time into this and create some much more interesting and exciting content. So that’s all we have for this week. I will see you next week.

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