002 – Talking Ads – Advertising Strategy

002 - Talking Ads - Advertising Strategy
002 - Talking Ads - Advertising Strategy

Talking Ads is a live show where my team and special guests discuss the adverts we have seen recently and whether we love or hate them.

I’ve selected some of the more interesting topics and concepts that should give you a great insight in to how to make your ads more effective.

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Hello. Welcome back for Episode Two of the lead generation for financial services, a podcast. And this week, we’re going to be looking at some of the clips from our show. Talking ads is all about advertising today. My name is Alex Curtis. And this show is designed to help financial services, businesses of all sizes, give them new techniques, strategies, tactics to generate more leads for their business so they can scale and grow. So today you’re going to learn how you can make a better ads for whether it be social media or for Google and some of the strategies that we found some of the things that we liked about those things we didn’t and other things we think we could do to improve it and make it better. So we’ve got about five clips for you today. And we’re going to each one will have a different concept and I’ll talk in a bit more detail before and after each clip. So here we go.

Okay so clip number one is something that I’m not hundred percent sure about. So this is where we discuss is Google or Facebook listening do they use our devices are you know, I’ve got the I’ve got the Alexa and the office without Google Home hub thing. And we also have our phones that can listen to our conversations and they could potentially pick out words if we’re talking about specific brands or we’re talking about specific specific products we want to buy the technologies that they could listen to that and then they could fill our news feeds with ads based on that which is probably

a little bit weird little bit creepy. But do they do it we I think I discuss a coincidence or a couple of coincidences happened to me. And also I’ve I pop this question into a Facebook group, part of a good Facebook ad hacks. So there’s lots of Facebook advertisers in that group and I set a poll and ask their opinion on I’ll share the results of that.

After playing this clip, so here’s the first clip. is Google Facebook listening to our conversations? Okay, yeah. So this is the one so I’m sorry. Yeah, you know, you know.

So the reason I bring this up is that I’m looking at gene online recently, but I do love Jane and remember we were having a conversation about this particular gene the other day and we’ve got a Google

Home Have you can

see it not quite so some people record that these pickup what you’re saying and we’ll put you in an advertising is based on using Oh, I guess we’ll carry one yeah, ran with us. I always thought

they definitely can’t do that after especially after working with Facebook and the whole privacy smell GDPR thing they go on. Yeah, I just thought if they were doing it, they wouldn’t be doing it now because

It just doesn’t feel right. Yeah, that won’t be was fine. But it happened to me I think the other day when we’re on talking as my battery or something and then I saw an app on my phone for a battery on YouTube so it’s like a couple of times that feels like too often to be a coincidence


that is a i didn’t i mean i i haven’t had it so obviously we’re always on the lookout for ads the day I doing this, and I’ve I’ve never noticed it for myself.

It’s you know, having taught us a particular brand a particular product and then suddenly seen it come up in the next few days so the jury’s still out on that

yes happened to me before I don’t want to believe it so I don’t

sound it out but I didn’t have it well I’d love to know like how it how they do it and I guess really interesting Well, I mean, it would be fairly easy for them to do is they can pick out of the can recognize words there’s normally after you say

Ok Google

obviously can pick up audio yeah he’s always listening

that she can pick up on Google Play Music

right now

this is obviously listening all the time. But is it picking out words like monkey 47

we literally had a conversation about gin the day before I saw the

other members you’re running an experiment this week on what saying saying obscure specific brands or products so definitely advertise like I didn’t want thinking about like PlayStation games

Red Dead I really want to buy Red Dead Redemption to my ps4.

Okay, so first thing to say is that I never saw an ad for Red Dead Redemption, too. So that’s one thing that’s come out of it. And also let’s talk about the

results from that pole in the Facebook group. So

the the post that I put out was guys can you help me out with your opinion is Google or Facebook listening to our phones or smarts because listen to conversations about brands then says serve ads off the back of those conversations. And then the options I put was Yes. Don’t be so naive and no, no they wouldn’t. They would absolutely wouldn’t do that. And then someone else added another option was no, this would cost more than it’s worth. It was interesting that some of these people’s opinion were that they could if they wanted to, but it’s not worthwhile. Ok. So the overwhelming favorite was Yes, don’t be so naive. So when actually put a comment in a saying it’s in the terms of service I’ve not seen that actually so

be worth having a look at that they’ve actually saying in their terms of service that they can do that. Okay. So we had 18 people said yesterday is only six people said no, they wouldn’t do it.

And five people said no, it would cost more than it’s worth. So kind of interesting that a lot of the marketers thought, this is something that they do do. Okay, so our next clip is talking about using ads to get in front of people that you already know about, or they already know about you. So I guess this is one ideally for if you’ve got a software, if you’re a SAS business, within financial services, that and you’ve got like a freemium version of your products that you could and these in this example, they advertise to us, despite us already using the software that we’re using the free version that they’re trying to get us from free to paid by totally all the features. So it’s not always about advertising to a cold audience. You can advertise to people who are already maybe even in your email list. And so here’s an example here’s the clip where we discuss this tactic on is Yeah, and I find it quite interesting so we use HubSpot for sort of like a

affect you think about the outcome of our CRM and some sort of our marketing functions

and the yeah and here it is sort saying how HubSpot works with slack. I mean we’ve started using slack pretty pretty recently for use of you know for certain functions but I literally saw like after I think getting back and been away downloaded it yesterday or Monday and I was interesting so so obviously HubSpot and those are use HubSpot I know HubSpot knows I must use slack and but I don’t use slack and HubSpot together. So someone’s trying to sell me kind of the selling the the integration so I use more both because we both use free versions of either side. So it makes sense for them to market to the free versions in order to monetize me or us yeah, if that makes sense. In terms of the movie slightly more use HubSpot the more we’re probably going to evolve that if you like and the the paid version software is quite quite interesting them in terms of its I’m, I’m quite an easy sell to I’ve already got my details and know who I am. They know I’m using these two products. So you know, I’m an advocate of the brand if that makes sense to be like sem.

To do it to us quite a lot we’re we’re on in an awful lot still market to it and it’s almost like in terms of they’ve already monetizes they’re already getting our money is almost like they want to make sure they keep getting our money on the subscription

and I think that’s what works in a similar sort of way so almost marketing to your I mean whether cause a client or not I don’t know terms we use their service we don’t we don’t give them any money yeah, so it’s something they’re trying to get us obviously trying to get me to use both more use HubSpot more. He’s more integration post op. So as time goes on, will will will the time come where we bump up to our premium package, you know

how to use slack and hotspot together

okay, so there we have it. So kind of an interesting concept not always about finding brand new customers can be used for getting people warming people up, I guess those those kind of people using the free version of software and getting them to spend a bit of money with it. Okay, so our next clip features a special guest we had Steve follow.

To is a video producer. And this is a topic that we talked about and when it comes a cop comes up quite a lot when we discuss about having because you can manage your Instagram ads within Facebook and then when you put your hands together they go in certain different places and we always talk about having a different strategy for your Instagram ads and saying have a different campaign for it. And this particular one is where we’re talking about Instagram stories and the size of video so fairly on clip but so real good value in here. If you’re advertising when you do Facebook ads, if you’re just taking all the placements and putting it everywhere. This will be a really interesting one for you. And you might want to consider creating different ads in a different style for especially Instagram and more importantly Instagram stories because it’s a different size but let’s play the clip.

Why did you

techniques when it comes to Instagram Stories adverts. What I see sometimes

Like it will take up the whole screen. Sometimes it will be done in almost like an amateurish ways. If it’s a real story to there’ll be a person in your tricked into thinking, Oh, I follow that person that is only after well you know it’s another which is quite clever. What I like about this one is it they’ve gone with the the square version of that video and some adverts on Instagram stories go with the landscape horizontal one but even big companies like the Australian towards board I saw yesterday and that’s just too small within the vertical of the story. So a square is really good plus they keep it to some really bright colorful shots which are easy for me to see. But then all the tags doesn’t move it’s all nice and static down the bottom there even if it’s slightly hideously designed encouraging me to sort of swipe up and buy these from my daughter for Christmas. So yeah, I just thought it

Maybe they know I follow a lot of illustrators on Instagram. I don’t know. But in a world of some fairly rubbish, Instagram stories, adverts, this one kind of jumped out to me it looks, Instagram, all of those images of really classic.

Awesome. Yeah. And I love that I think we literally saved every week about Instagram ads because you manage them in Facebook. And a lot of people use the same video on Facebook on Instagram. So you’ve got all the checkboxes, aware of where you want it to be.

And these guys have even now in face but you can crop your video so they’re the ones the horizontal ones you’ve seen, you can now in Facebook do the crop and they’ll do it for you and then you can create separate outset just the stories and have that version of the stories and then the normal version for Facebook if you want so So will it crop it so that it fills the whole of my vessel screen do whatever you Yeah, you can do whatever you want with it.

Now and so obviously you’re lonely you’ll you’ll miss the bits over here

but you don’t have to crop it in the middle and then you do get to preview it. So it just depends on the video itself whether you’ve made it for stories or whether you’ve got one that may work so it just depends on what video you’ve got.

Yeah, I think it’s really worth considering whether it suits that stores format and whether your video is high enough quality to be stretched in that way because I’ve seen some really ropey looking one which do no favor to your brand you’re almost better off just having a static image and text in those instances but the square option is a good way to go if it means you don’t lose the quality No, absolutely no definitely. And we got you were talking about the tool off before we came on that Dale mentioned I’ve

said there’s a tool called crop video cropped up video and what it is you upload your you know your

landscape video to it and it automatically figures out where the best place to put your vertical or square crop would be so it it realize it breaks your whole video down into shots gives you like a storyboard timeline and then you can go through and adjust them in order to find

the light if it hasn’t picked the right but you can adjust it but what it means is you end up with a really good vertical video as opposed to just uploading you know a one and letting it still the screen so it’s a brilliant to actually and in fact in my latest blog which I’m about to post later on today you can see me using it as well one of the free tools so was a

debt is a free version of it but it’s something like seven euros a month for something and basically that allows you to store your video for 20.

Four hours and then download it. And then after that, obviously it’s not taking up their server space in which is why I presume they Atlantic and stay pretty reasonable price wise okay so if you’re doing a lot of video then okay so hopefully you’re convinced that Instagram Stories definitely needs a different strategy and our next clip is a bit of a rant I get annoyed about this quite often because a lot of people blame Facebook for their results rather than looking at themselves and looking at about what they’ve done on Facebook. And yeah, I think you can you just need to think clearly about your ads the whole journey and we can get quality leads on Facebook in pretty much all financial services. So here’s the clip and then we’ll talk more in a second. This is what frustrates me like people they will say if we amount of time to have a meeting with a client and say we’ve tried Facebook as it doesn’t work. And like we had a meeting with these guys they would say we tried Facebook ads, it didn’t work but the whole

It wasn’t the wasn’t Facebook. Yeah, or even the ads? It was the you know,

because we are these really good. The ad got me interested in the throat. Yeah. And that could have been if that was Yeah, a month before it’s due to arrive. I probably wouldn’t have switch. But if I have seen that sort of six weeks after I’d orders Yeah. And it said, we’ve got these cars that article and look to that I could have sort of anything. I had a list of vehicles and then they’ve got something I liked on it. Yeah, I would have got in touch, but it just seemed like they made

Okay, so that was a clip. And I think that because I guess we’re in a unique position where we’re running ads all the time in lots of different sectors. And we see the difference in results when you have a different ad and different strategy different page. It’s about tweaking it and finding the right thing. So please don’t blame Facebook for your results. Facebook’s a great platform and you just need to put that bit of extra time into the ad think

Clearly about what you want to achieve at those things in place. So don’t just because you’ve Facebook hasn’t worked for you doesn’t mean it can’t. And that’s the kind of the message that I wanted to get across from this clip, I can. So on to our next clip. This is quite an interesting one, because this comes up quite often. So this clip here, Tom in the office, he has bought a product. It’s got nothing to do with financial services, but just want to talk about the approach that they’ve made. Now, most kind of business owners that I speak to, they just want to get the lead straightaway, they want to speak to the, you know, get the person on the face straightaway. Sometimes that can happen and that’s great. But sometimes you need like a longer process. And this kind of sales strategy that we put together is not just sending the person to a landing page and trying to get the details straight away, which is what a lot of financial service business businesses do. Now this ad leads to like a content pieces, more of a sort of a branding exercise and it’s kind of warms you up and there’s some other ideas come out of this.

as well so I’ll play the clip and then we’ll we’ll talk about it afterwards yeah cool so this is one then Kevin my Facebook feed a while ago and it is actually one that I’ve purchased from got a couple on the show so far we’ve actually made a made a purchase from some movement and I’m talking ads

so yeah this wall and I was already aware of how are just one of these colors subscription shaver things easy to be able to get everything on subscription nowadays

so yes who subscriptions today shave right I was already familiar with the with the ground but quite liked to have already seen and I wouldn’t really do it you know it was down to me the allegories I’ve broken it down into almost like steps as blatant as 1234

But yeah, the know just they just sort of work they did they did actually strike me and actually then instead of going through is actually quite interesting. The actual journey set so the user journey sorry, and incentives and going through it didn’t actually take you to like a standard landing page where you’d sort of expect you know, instead of them strong cap your detail straight.

And put you in a funnel or whatever it is actually like a content piece about so what how the company came about and why they sort of do what they do a bit of a like a start with why kind of thing and the call to action isn’t actually until the very bottom and but it was weird so I sold I started reading the first bit of it and then actually sort of just thought yeah okay I want it flew through to the bottom went through got my trial pack and yeah I had it come through the mail but ya know for thought I thought you saw the ad was was pretty good I don’t know if I liked it because I was actually more familiar with the brand than it coming off me cold if that makes sense in terms of so I knew I knew more about I knew what it was. But yeah,

in terms of from going from in terms of seeing the app to going through in actually placing an order but was Yeah. Was was pretty quick.

I mean, is it like the

Dollar Shave Club? Is it subscription thing? Yeah, exactly. So in terms of that one. I actually remember seeing them first clumsy we all spend a lot of time looking at as actually.

Originally seen them all come across them and not the native content like to build a kind of stuff

offsetting convert there but in terms of it showed it was quite good for selection awareness point of view

in terms I saw in there, you know, I may have clicked on the lead or whatever and that’s maybe if they’ve gotten you know, in like a longer remarketing sort of funnel I don’t know

but yes, essentially a subscription set shave service but I was more familiar with them then I was with Dollar Shave Club

and but yeah, so in terms of it was I think I don’t know if I would have gone through if I hadn’t have had the or bought through if I hadn’t been aware of them before. So I think it does sort of show that even though in terms of what obviously all your advertising normally ROI on spend on it based not to sort of suggests that any advertising you do is actually the song well it promotes obviously in terms of the value of having a longer term content plan with if you know what I mean

in terms of so what you do with a remarketing if you don’t get people on the on the first bite?

Well, when when we were doing kind of rehearsals for the show. I remember Nick

And out in and you didn’t like it just because you didn’t like the brand now I was like really shocked because throughout my career I’ve created brands like there are some companies that create other branches so they can advertise twice if that makes sense because they’ve got the budget too but yeah no definitely makes sense I think branding is huge saucy works works on you

because we pretty much every client we have wants to sell sell sell straightaway, I think it was john Sinclair came on a few weeks ago that was kind of saying that same thing that don’t have to just

fail and have a hardcore little direction just to see me. Yeah, I think with that I mean if I saw that there was those attacks from seeing the caption

i would i think that’s I don’t necessarily like that. Yeah, well, just we’ve been looking at that this week. Come

on, we had a massive difference in a cost per lead on

Same as it was Lich because one thing I noticed the text is all bunched up there was like massive amount and you’ve been testing some stuff this week with like almost one liners and they just seem to be okay so that was a clip and then actually in my vlog yes I started blogging now as well which is very awkward when you’re filming yourself in public I can assure you but other flog week discuss actually those results were Jessica was testing different

different bits of copy so let’s just play that and then again I’ve got disclaimer from that as well so let’s play the clip and will I’ll give you the disclaimer so Monday morning and we’ve been just only

only a couple of weeks and we got her writing some ads and she was doing some really sort of thought would be good too much but they were pretty good actually set this whole campaign up her cell

She’s getting by to let mortgage leads in for a one ancestor two pounds and 17 each and bearing in mind of our car was buying these of lead gen company they would cost about 3035 quid each what we found out is that there was one ads so one at least 156 each and there’s another added inform as well so what we’re trying and what we’ve kind of seen on another campaign we’re just looking at is having like really short snappy sentences especially the opening kind of sentence that that is a current release of a try and sort of did you know have you have you heard yet basic winning a trial this week’s if that is right on okay then so before all the mortgage brokers contact me wanting leads for two pounds. What we found out later on once those Liezel were worth or the quality wasn’t that great. So we’ve got some really cheaply there and suddenly they did do some of them did some business but actually what we’re finding at the moment is getting

Our best quality is using a chat bot to actually

rather than send you to a page of a sentence with to some content, send them a landing page we’re actually sending to Facebook Messenger. And then we’ve developed a chat bot that basically takes people through this journey feels like they have a bit of a conversation and we get all the information we need. So let’s say it’s a real mortgage one or, you know, any, it’s a mortgage one and, you know, get the property details. But I think what we do is we get those details in the right order. We’re not asking for the contact details straightaway where we’re proving to them that we can help them our client can help them and then we’re getting the phone number, their email address, and we’re booking in the call making sure they got the credit report and things like that. So that’s working really well at the moment. So the cost isn’t quite to quit a lead but the conversion from lead to a sale and the contact rate is phenomenal. So talk to me about chatbots don’t demand to

pounds lead for mortgage days because

you know it’s about your cost per acquisition. It’s about getting sales for the cheapest price, not necessarily the leads. Okay then. So that’s all the clips I’ve got for this week. That was Episode Two. I hope you enjoyed it slightly different from the interview scenario. Next week we do have another interview it’s john Sinclair, we’re actually talking about some offline stuff so networking in person really good chat I had with john and that is coming up next week. So I’ll be really grateful if you got two seconds just to subscribe to the podcast. If you can leave us an honest review that would be amazing and it will just help me basically will get more views that means I can put more time into this get more value more content for you and help you for free essentially and if you want to see these interviews alive and if you want to see talking ads live as well join our Facebook group it is lead generation for financial services just search on facebook and join the group brilliant so on

We’ll see you next week.

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